Bigg Boss Tamil 4, Day 91, January 3, highlights: Aajeedh evicted, Kamal asks contestants to campaign for themselves

The Sunday weekend episode (January 3) of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 hosted by Kamal Haasan saw many twists. After a more dramatic week, the episode was expected to be nothing short of exciting and delivered on that front. Ulaganayagan started the program by talking about the next year and how to approach it with honesty. Afterwards, he spoke virtually with the contestants and told them to promote themselves in the confessional room.

Balaji, who was in the midst of a controversy after a verbal confrontation with Aari, made it clear that he did not intend to hurt anyone and was always himself. He admitted that his childhood had largely influenced his behavior and that there was no one to advise him. However, he said he has the ability to bounce back and strive to be a better person. The next contestant to enter the confession room was Ramya Pandian. She talked to herself and told her she was never fake inside the Bigg Boss house. “I’ve always given my 100 percent and been true to myself,” he said.

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Next, Aajeedh admits that he is always trying to play a fair game and not unnecessarily gossip about competitors. He said he was delighted when Kamal praised him for expressing his views at the tail end of the show.

Shivani and Gabriella said they would like to complete the program and walk away with the title. While Shivani said her biggest achievement was winning people’s hearts, Gabriella believed she was the most deserving competitor. She said she has managed to spread positivity at home in spite of hardships and has shown her individuality to the audience.

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Aari, who came forward, started by saying that the Bigg Boss house is just a reflection of society and that this is one reason why they constantly strive to be honest and true to the game. She believes she has always followed the advice of host Kamal Haasan and has never wasted food at the BB house. Som admits that she has faced a lot of hardships and failures in the past 10 years and that this title helps her achieve much in life. He said he always tried to keep the housemates happy.

Rio started off by saying that he is performing well and that if people feel the same way, they can vote for him. He said he has never faked and is real to himself these days.

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Within minutes, Kamal surprised the housemates by contacting the caller from the audience. Pollachi’s caller questioned Ramya about playing a safe game and asked him when he would voice opinions like Aari’s. Responding to this, Rama said that he is now realizing this and that he will try to open up anymore.

Later, Kamal Haasan asked the housemates to take the respective cards from the storeroom and talk about the card mentioned in the card and the strategy they adopted. Asked to talk about Rio Som, Som said he never had any game plans and was always friendly with the housemates. Som also told Aajeedh that he sees Aajeedh as his reflection.

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Aari Rama called him an entertainer with a good sense of humor. But, more effort needs to be made to show Rama’s isolation, he said. Gabriela said that Balaji Murugadas has always been good to his friends at home and never nominated him for unknown reasons. She thought this might be his technique or character. Shivani said that Gabriella is constantly trying to be in the good books of the housemates and it affects the game.

Ramya alleged that Rio was playing a safe game, especially during the nominations. She thought Rio didn’t want to hurt others or put herself in the midst of controversies. Balaji said that Aari’s strategy was to find fault with others and glorify it. He said Ari has always tried to cover up the truth and highlight his positive aspects.

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Kamal ended the job by saving Somashekhar, who was in the nomination this week. Before entering the process of elimination, Kamal Perumal Murugan had written a book called Coolamadari. He said the book revolves around the life of the oppressed community in the British era.

Kamal Haasan later announced some names that were safe from eviction. Shivani Natarajan received more votes than Aajeedh and Rumga and so they were saved. As Kamal Haasan announces the name of Aajeedh from the cue card, many contestants were shocked. Balaji, Rama and Rio Aajeedh hugged and greeted them. Gabriella was invincible.

Aajeedh felicitated the participants by presenting the song and joined Kamal Haasan on stage. He talked about his journey and called it a lifetime experience. He thanked the audience for being in the house for 90 days. He called himself an avid fan of Kamal and said he was honored to be a part of the event he organized. Later, Aajeedh was allowed to speak with Kamal along with the prisoners. He said he would miss Bala, Gaby and Rama. He praised Rio and Som as they spread positive vibrations into the home.

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Kamal concluded the event by conveying his New Year’s greetings to the housemates. Shivani consoled Balaji in the last five minutes. He explained the side of the story and pointed out the mistakes Aari made. Aari complained to Somm about Balaji’s negligence and said the house should have been cleaned up.

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