Bigg Boss Tamil 4 21 December 2020 Written Episode Update Review: Archana evicted!

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Highlights: Kamal’s discussion and analysis of Ramya’s captaincy; Contestent Archana’s eviction – Kadavul Irukar Kumar !; The shocking reaction of the Love Bed group to the eviction; Amidst emotions Rio exclaims that he has friends in BB team! Kamal’s disappointing performance.

Today’s episode started with Kamal’s entry. Today he wore a black sherwani and a white kurta. Very cool. He spoke of the day of human solidarity. He mentioned the Tirukkural, Bharathiyar songs and Kannadasan songs.

Yes, nowadays, the art of sharing is being taught right from kindergarten. My grandson sings that sharing is a concern. It is important that elders teach their children, and more importantly, set real life examples of compassion and sharing.

Kamal Over to the Bigg Boss House:

Hamam caller: The weekly Hamam caller called from Madurai and asked Kamal and Somu questions. Bland question and bland answer. But of course, Hamam got its promotion and Vijay TV got its $.

Kamal appreciated Aajeedh: Kanal praised Aajeedh for his participation in the game last week. He also asked about his tears. Aajeedh said he was going to play a foul game in the Kozhi and Nari act, but then he felt guilty and did not execute the idea. Kamal appreciated his honesty.

Key point: Everyone knew that Bala had misjudged Aajeedh and directed him to take a shortcut. Kamal must ask Aajeedh who gave him the idea or question Bala. They didn’t either. In the words of Kamal, 4 crore people watch the show. Not just a BB host, but a TN hero aspirant, Kamal has failed miserably at those 4 crore people. The excitement he showed in the role of assassinating Aari yesterday, he clearly did not show.

Shivani saved: Kamal asked Shivani about crying into the confessional room last week.

She said she was able to share her feelings with BB. Mike called Kamal Shivani’s name 11 times as Mike checked in and asked if she was happy. Shivani said that Kamal did this, as in the confessional room, that Kamal was not calling her name on the weekends, or talking to her. In addition, Shivani said inside the confessional room, she was always under pressure since she was last saved. So, Kamal saved her this morning. He said he did not save her because of her tears, but that people saved her.

Key point: Shivani usually does not speak on weekends because she does not participate. When Kamal asks HM questions, she is always calm. Ofcourse, she does not get into any controversy during the week, and is busy eating the mix during the week. So, Kamal really has no chance to bring her name. There is nothing wrong with Shivani’s wish, but Kamal had to highlight it. As the weekend episodes increase, Kamal does not watch the show, is not involved, and his assistants / Vijay TV is becoming more and more clear what to listen to. I think this is true, and not the other possible explanation – Kamal prefers to watch the show, be conscious and be morally neutral.

Analysing Ramya’s captaincy:

Kamal asked the housemates about Ramya’s leadership, Punnagai Manni. Yes, Kamal has named her Punnagai Manni! Oh god

Everyone except Bala, Ari and Gabri said her leadership was good.

Bala said that being a captain, Koji and Nari had to explain the rules of action properly.

Since Shivani and Aajeedh do not want to merge the cooking team and the washing-ship team, Rama separated them at the request, Gabi said, without asking her (Gabri), who is the captain of the cooking team. Then, after deciding, he informed all the HMs, Gaby complained.

When asked to clarify the rules in the act of Aari, Nari and Kozhi, she replied that she was a competitor and did not answer. Moreover, she used a very bad word, which hurt him. He said he later apologized. Apparently she said something so bad, Vijay TV censored it.

Kamal said he could leave the matter as he apologized. However, he pointed out to Rama that he only apologized after 8 hours.

Ramya said that he cannot understand the rules properly and it is confusing. Being a captain, he has to follow the rules properly and explain to other HMs, ”he said.

Key note: The work of Kozi and Nari became a mess as they were freed from the rules of the Order, and Rama went with it. The whole thing was super flop. Kamal did not point this out.

Also, I can’t believe they left out the abusive language that Rama used (Vijay is the language that cut TV, not suitable for the audience). Really ?? They should have advised HMs to be more careful when talking to one another. Archana also pointed to Ari and said, “Nirinalam manam irukanam”. Kamal ignored all this. Definitely, a disappointing performance by Kamal.

Anitha and Somu saved: Four eggs were kept. Kamal asked Aari and Rio to break the eggs.

First, Ari broke the egg. Kamal asked him to check if there was any paper inside. Ari said Rio broke the second egg. There was nothing in it.

Ari then broke the third egg and got a piece of paper. Anita is saved! Kamal called Bala and asked him to break the fourth egg. He broke it in his style – by sitting on it! When Kamal asked him to name her, she correctly said Somu. Yes, there was a Somu name in the paper, and Somu was saved.

Kamal went to a break.

Archana tells Rio, Somu and Gabi that she will be evicted. She said she wanted Azid to be saved.

Did you believe it? But the Love Bed Gang seems to believe it!

She later told Rio that they should win the match when they are alone. She blinked and said to Rio, “Theriutha, Theriutha, Puriyuta, Puriyutha!” She said.

Shivani, Ramya and Anita were discussing eviction. Anita said last week’s robot human act may have given Archana a bad name and she could be fired. Shivani said that Ajeed, a young man, people may have thought to save Azeed.

Lol, it’s not about young or old. People don’t care enough about Azid. They are too busy putting out the bad stuff.

Kamal on stage:

Introducing a book:

JJ Sila introduced Kurupugal code book written by beautiful Ramasamy.

They sent virtual viewers and entered BBH.

Aajeedh saved: Archana evicted:

Kamal asked Ari, Bala. Both of them said Azeed. Kamal then showed him a card named Archana. Archana said he would meet Kamal in a minute.

She was such a bold woman, and didn’t get emotional. Well, she didn’t show it in her face, and did a daring act and held her head high. This part is commendable!

She consoled Rio, Somu and Gabi, who were emotional. Archana gave Gabi all the coins as she thought she was her daughter.

What about her son Bala ?!

Archana did not pack her things and asked her friends to send it. She was confident she wouldn’t be thrown out.

Before opening the main door, BB told Archana all the best and gave her a virtual hug.

Archana met Kamal on stage.

Kamal asked Archana whether it was Anbu’s game strategy. As usual Archana Anbu Vellum said. Video clipping is shown on her journey inside BBH. Excellent video clipping. Very well edited.

Archana met HMs through Digital TV. He wished everyone a positive. But, to Arya, “Everyone is saying Nermai, Nermai. Nermai Veliye Konduwanga. Don’t get angry. Smile and show your bunny teeth, ”she said.

Kamal asked her to nominate a Captain in her place, Ramya or Bala. Archana made Bala the leader of the house.

As usual, Kamal said goodbye to him. With this Kamal said goodbye and left.

Key point: Archana’s journey into the BBH:

Kamal always sends out HMs with good gestures and positive vibes. Even today, he did it pretty well. The video clipping was fabulous. Of course, Archana provided plenty of content when he was inside the BBH, especially during missions. Their contributions in tasks and home work are excellent. A tough competitor. She is good at cooking and other household chores. She is very bold, dynamic and has an exceptional command in Tamil and English. His speeches and natural answers are unmatched. He entered BBH as a wild card entry on the eleventh day and was inside BBH for 67 days. During these 67 days she caused a commotion inside the house.

She had to play the game separately, instead of creating a lovebird group. This was the main reason for all her talent and efforts to go in vain. If Love Bed Group helped her not fall on the weekly eviction lists, it would have ruined her name and reputation. Knowing that people still remember Julie’s lie, Archana’s image may linger for a while. But ofcourse, that’s good for her run on Vijay TV.

She is also very biased within the Love Bed group. Her first priority is Rio. She acted like she wanted to bring him forward and make him a winner. She had complete control over the Lovebeds group. Achana and Nisha washed the male competitors’ clothes and the Echa plates, and the daily massages made the viewer uneasy.

Archana also disliked Ari for reasons he only knew. She openly showed her hatred. On the one hand, he talked about Anbu, Anbu, but on the other, he hated some HMs. She should show her Anbu all, equally and play her game separately. If Anbu was her real personality she would have. When it is fake, offcourse, ottigal viz.

She’s a pretty good competitor anyway. She should have used her talents in a positive way, but unfortunately used it negatively. If not, she would have been a finalist.

Over to Bigg Boss House:

Rio, Somu and Gabi Archana were discussing their expulsion. She used to say that for the past 20 years she managed her family as a single woman and excelled in the industry. She was wondering how the others could get her out while the BBH was still inside. These three were mainly talking about Ari. Symbolically, the camera was showing Ari sweeping the floor. Rio said he is empty without Archana and doesn’t know how to keep his game going.

Awesome! What a bommai! Nice tuning, Archana.

Rio now only knows the voice of Bibi and the staff are familiar with him, he said, as they have worked with him before.

Great! Now, we know for sure that Rio is in the finals and will win in all likelihood.

Key point:

How nerdy are these HMs? Voting is not based on the personal struggles of competitors in their lives. In that case, each HM has experienced a different way of life. Voting is based on performance within the BBH and how they play the game.

Back to Bigg Boss Home:

On the other side, Ari, Ramya, Anita and Bala were talking about Archana.

Anita Archana was checking out. She said Archana had played for her LoveBed group and had not played for herself. Rama also agreed.

Arie said that usually women sacrifice their lives for their siblings and husband. Archana did that too.

Well, the level of hint these people have is stunning! Have they really thought of Archana?

Bala said. Archana was good at cooking, and all had good food. So Bala’s concern was food.

Team Sharing:

Everybody gathered. Bala commissioned the team for cooking, washing and cleaning the house. Cooking is important, and swatch cleaning can be done every two days. He made Somu a deputy. Bala told Somu that if there were any problems, Somu should bring it to his attention, and Bala would fix the problem.

Important note:

After Bala tried to become a hero several times (after giving up on Sam Longback), he finally became the captain at Archana’s mercy. In fact, Rama got second place and was supposed to be the hero. But since he was the captain last week, Archana Bala may have been chosen.

Rio, Somu and Gabi were talking. Gabi said he was the only one feeling. Others were playing. The camera showed Shivani, Azeed and Bala battling with pillows. He was in a funny mood, enjoyed his game and laughed.

This today’s episode is over.

Tomorrow is Nomination Day. Sure there will be Anita and Ari’s names. Bala escapes as a hero. It is good for Siva to get votes from his army.

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