Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Today Eviction, 5 Reasons Why Aajeedh Will Be Eliminated This Weekend?

[Opinion Post] Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 is moving at a considerable pace and audiences are on hold with the latest events of the house.

The past few weeks have seen competitors struggle with double elimination, sensational struggles, and emotional luxury budget work.

Bigg Boss Tamil4 will finish its 13th week this weekend with eight contestants at home.

Five contestants have been nominated for elimination this week and Aajeedh is at the bottom of the pile. Also Read Bigg Boss Tamil 4 31st December 2020 Written Episode Update

Rama is in fourth place but Aajeedh’s vote share has dropped significantly since the third day of voting. This is a common phenomenon on social media platforms.

Poor Performances in Tasks, Muted Approach Led to Aajeedh’s Fall?

Aajeedh’s defensive nature is another reason for his potential elimination this week. The crowd was annoyed by his mentality of blindly defending against Balaji.

Aajeedh fails to influence actions. Observing their struggles in life, it was difficult for the audience to understand whether or not they really wanted to continue on the show.

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Aajeedh Aari never spoke badly of anyone except Arjuna. However, some other competitors, such as Rama Pandian and Rio, used them well. There are examples of Rio not responding to a cut of Aajeedh’s footage.

Aajeedh’s timid nature was boring beyond a point, he put his full weight on reversing Aari and nothing was too much of an influence. Aajeedh fails to impress on weekly performer nominations or acts like the ball-catching telephone act, which is supposed to be his bastion. Nevertheless, Aajeedh surpassed his tenure in Bigg Boss.

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With Aajeedh’s ouster this week, questions have arisen as to whether Shivani and Ramya are more deserving than the timid and talented singer who made a mark for themselves in Bigg Boss Tamil 4.

End of Bigg Boss Tamil Journey for Aajeedh, Here’s Why:

Aajeedh Khalik entered the house with a very nervous attitude and he took the time to settle down. He was embarrassed about the happenings and their relationship only existed with Balaji.

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What Balaji would do was close his playing field and he was sacked in the third week. However, they used their elimination free number pass to defend themselves.

From the very first day, Aajeedh emerged as a weak contender but he was given a long rope to prove his potential.

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However, he found it difficult to walk amongst the gang of Love Bed. He grew up away from Gabriella and spent more time with Shivani and Balaji.

The following week saw the decline of Aajeedh’s journey in Bigg Boss Tamil. Aajeedh spent some time talking about Aari but failed to make an impact when it mattered.

Anita Sampath was below average, except for the confessional room function.

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