Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Aari is the tittle winner in biggboss season 4

The information about the title winner of the Bigg Boss show has been released.

The Big Boss Season 4 show airing on Vijay TV started last October. The event, which started with 16 contestants, was followed by two contestants as two wild card entries.

Only the first week went by without a nomination and each contestant was eliminated in the following weeks. Also Read Bigg Boss 14’s talent manager Pista Dhakad dies in a road accident

Camera Conscious

Only one week of double eviction took place and two contestants were eliminated. Many of the contestants who took part this season were also criticized for acting because the camera was more conscious than last season.

Without starving for controversy

The Big Boss show has gone on for so many days without starving for anything like fights and controversies. Some of the contestants who played solo were also unexpectedly removed from the show. Thus Vijay TV was also roasted by the fans

Grand Finale

In this case, the Big Boss Season 4 show has reached its final stage. Ari, Rio, Balaji, Som and Ramya are the 5 finalists in the Big Boss house. The grand finale of the critically acclaimed Big Boss show will take place tomorrow


For this all of the old rivals who were evicted this week of Finale Week were brought back into the Big Boss house. Thus weeded out as the bottom of the game is the Big Boss house. In yesterday’s episode, Big Boss spoke eloquently and said goodbye to the whole crowd

Who drives more?

Fans also cast their ballots to see their favorite rival win. With the polls closed last night, it has been revealed who is in the top with the highest number of votes.

Voting difference

Accordingly, it has been revealed that Aari Arjunan is in the top with the highest number of votes. It is reported that he has received about 17 lakh more votes than his next rival

More times nomination

Following this, it is said that Ari has been confirmed as the title winner. Aryan has been nominated more times than he has ever been captain in the nomination process for eviction held at the Big Boss house so far

More fan base

Each time he came to the nomination the fans saved him as the first person by a large margin of votes. Aari is one of the most dignified and honest players in the Big Boss season. This is why he is said to be the winner with the highest fan base.

Who is the runner up?

Balaji is expected to be the runner-up next to him. That means Rio is said to be the runner-up, with Balaji finishing second in the polls.

Quality plan for Rio?

Vijay TV producer Rio has been featured in many episodes. Netizens have denied that Vijay TV is planning to make Rio a winner. It has been reported that the show crew has decided to at least make him a runner-up in this situation.

Disaster for Balaji

If Rio is runner-up, it will be a disaster for Balaji. Balaji was waiting for Damagejackie to become the title winner. Old rivals who came into the Big Boss house also claimed that Arik had a match for him.

Thus, Balaji hopes that even if he does not become a winner, he will become a runner. It is rumored that Vijay TV is going to make Rio a runner and dump it as a lorry. What is going to happen will be officially known in tomorrow’s episode.

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