Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Anitha Sampath about Aari and Sanam Shetty news

Hosted by Kamal Haasan, the Tamil version of ‘Bigg Boss 4’ has reached its 94th day and has run to a climax for the title fought by Balaji Murugadoss, Ramya Pandian, Aari, Gabriella, Rio Raj, Shivani Narayanan and Soma Shekhar.

The slightly unsuspecting Ari seems to have won the audience and most of the contestants who have been eliminated by ‘Bigg Boss 4’ have a bone to take with them and have voted for. Anitha Sampath, who was eliminated a couple of weeks ago, also had a fierce encounter with the actor and has opened up about not only Ari but also her relationship with Sanam Shetty.

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Anitha shared that she, Sanam and Aari have enjoyed true friendship in ‘Bigg Boss 4’ and that when something needs to be talked about, they pronounce it loud and clear and never feel bad about anyone. She asserted that all the moments the three enjoyed together were her most valuable on the show.

Anitha said that although ‘Bigg Boss 4’ was a game it was very tough mentally and she also made some mistakes due to stress. He pointed out that not only was the footage of the quarrel with his co-competitors but the moments of reconciliation with Aari and the two had healthy discussions on many occasions.

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Anitha concluded that Aari and Sanam are her friends for life and that they would continue their bonding even after ‘Bigg Boss 4’ ends and she is lucky to have them in her life.

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