Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Bala and Aari patch up, Kamal appreciates

The Saturday weekend episode of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 hosted by Kamal Haasan aired on January 9th. Kamal Haasan started the show by saying that the program is well under way and it is an eye opener for many, including the inside competitors. After giving us a glimpse of what happened inside the house the previous day, Kamal Haasan spoke virtually with the contestants. Also Read Amazon Quiz 10 January 2021 Answers win Amazon Basics Smart LED Tv


Ticket to Finale, Ramya and Shivani managed to excel in other competitions. They are the heart of the people who won the hour together. Balaji, Som, Rio and others helped them recover from the ordeal.


After a glance at the scoreboard, Aari told Bala that he made a blunder by playing an unfair game. He has apologized for his mistakes and said that none of the contestants are following rules. Later, the two had a long conversation about their mistakes and the past for each other. Bala said that Aari had a lesson from him and now, he will learn to respect elders and control his hanger. He also confessed that he had developed a huge respect for the Aari, the differences and will continue to follow his advice even outside the BB house.

Kamal Haasan, who talks about the outside of them, admired Bala’s self-actualization even when it came to the tail end of the show. The two had nasty fights in the house and always had differences of opinion. Also Read Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Vote Results Today 10 January 2021


Kamal Haasan announced that Soma has won the prestigious Ticket to Finale for which competitors have been fighting for a long time. He asked the housemates to hand over the Ticket to Finale to Somme and talk about them. Shivani, Gabriella, Rio, Bala and Ari admired Som from the very beginning and praised him as a highly qualified competitor. Later, Kamal surprised Som by virtually speaking to his mother. Som became emotional and thanked the hosts for bringing her mother to the show.

Kamal praised Shivani and Ramya Pandiyan for giving them a tough fight on the Ticket to Finale function. Also Read Bigg Boss Tamil 4: Shivani To Get Eliminated From The Kamal Haasan Show?


After talking about the actions, Kamal made the contestants aware of the conversation between Aari and Bala the previous day. They applauded that Bala and Aari realized their mistakes and turned themselves into better human beings. The housemates were happy with him and sent comments that this is one of the best love stories in Bigg Boss asons.


Kamal Haasan ended the week’s episode by saving Aari from eviction. Also Read Bigg Boss Tamil 4, Som was declared as the winner of ticket to finale task and he met his mother on a video conference

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