Bigg Boss Tamil 4: housemates talks about what will they take and give up after eviction

Competitors have been pretty quick to answer the question of what you want to leave and what you want to take away when Bigg Boss leaves home.

Fans were shocked when they saw the 7-year-old turn to Arya, to let go of anger, let go of anger, and take honesty and patience. Also Read Bigg Boss Tamil 4: Shivani Narayanan gets evicted from the Kamal Haasan hosted show

Since there is no more nomination, it seems that the coming week will be a day of Pongal festive ‘love’. Bored?

The good is the bad
This show’s concept is that the contestants and spectators who are good and bad in the Bigg Boss house can take whatever they want. With the show to be over in a week, Kamal asked who was going to leave and what to take. Also REad Bigg Boss Tamil 4 11th January 2021 Voting Results Today Live Updates Rio in Week 15 Finale Voting?

Both are flawed
Ramanya’s name as Kamal’s first name to raise the question is not my character, sir, there is no longer the habit of thinking about the shortcomings of others. I’ll leave it with this Bigg Boss house. Similarly, if others complain about us, we should accept it and correct it.

Balaji Murugadoss expresses much anger at Bigg Boss house. He said he wanted to leave it. And, good things to go, Unity’s Diversity said he believes this is the Bigg Boss house. Also Read Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Bala 3rd Finalist after him Rio, Ramya and Gabby were in final

Asked by Kamal, Shivani Narayanan said beautifully that he would leave the Prashair and take the patience of the house for several days. With Shivani’s departure from Bigg Boss this week, it is likely that she will have a press release.

Honesty is the English word for honesty. This Big Boss has to take Honsty out of the house, gobble up the grievances and talk goodbye. She said she was tempted to leave Over Thinking. Also Read Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Shivani Narayanan’s Total Remuneration Will Make Your Jaw Drop

I would take the questioning out of Bigg Boss, not just at home. He said the question was the weapon. Sir, I understand very well that male and female are equal and should not waste much time. It is still clear to say, I will try to develop it. He advises people to take the good that is for Ari and leave the bad for you just like me.

No need to live in hiding. Som said, Sir, I understand Vittanamunnu weeping with heavy heart No one should be pushed. I went to see the father, know the father, know the good things. I understand that my anger here is not worth ten pennies and I would like to leave it. Also Read Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Aari became most nominated contestant ever in bigg boss

Anger is not outrageous, but the alternative is to say, “Store yuan anchor” Everything that went with him to the house was a real memory. You can get angry at the right thing. But we should not be angry.

Looked like that
Arya changes everything and pretends to be very good. Bala, Rio, Ramya, all these things are being poured into the netizens as if you are going to fight again. It’s good to change for the better. Congratulations fans have been making comments. Also Read Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Winner Prediction – Finalist and Price Money

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