Bigg Boss Tamil 4 January 5th: Aari responds by saying, “I cannot play a game like this, but Balaji says, ‘I play well

The final act is known to take place at the Bigg Boss house this week, and the winner of this act will qualify for the final directly and he or she will be saved from this week’s nomination. Balaji, who is number one in this task, is playing very seriously in the next round.

At one point, there was a fierce rivalry between Aari and Bala, and as usual, when the action took place, there was an argument between the two. Balaji says, ‘If running is your trick, I know the trick,’ to which Aari replied, ‘What happens if you stop playing this way?’ Balaji says, ‘Don’t run.’ In disgust Balaji said, “If you want to catch me, you have to run. Aren’t you human?”

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Following this, Aari says, “I can’t play this kind of game, but Balaji says, ‘I’ll play well.’ Overall it looks like Balaji won, and Aari is in despair because of failure in this room.

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