Bigg Boss Tamil 4 3rd January 2021: Kamal Haasan condemns Balaji’s actions, will he punish Balaji?

    Bigg Boss Tamil 4 3rd January 2021: For the past two days, we have seen Balaji’s anger at the Bigg Boss house and the ongoing confrontation between Aari and Balaji. Everyone expects Kamal Haasan to be the only one to condemn Balaji’s act today.

    Some spectators gave Balaji a red card and demanded that Bigg Boss be sent out of the house.

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    In this promo video released a while ago, Kamal Haasan shows what it means to be law-abiding, just and honest. To me this is abnormal.

    Strictly speaking in front of someone does not mean that he is honest, and speaking out loud is not fair. That is rude. What should be done to those who make frequent mistakes? To sell

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    Similarly, Kamal said he has been tapping the Love Group number for the past few weeks. But it is worth noting that they only mention clues in the name of soft advice.

    We hope all spectators should do as Kamal said and take strong action against Balaji and punish them for their actions.

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