Bigg Boss Tamil 4 2nd January 2021 Written Episode Update: What happened at the Big Boss house?

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 2nd January 2021 Written Episode Update: It seemed strange to me when the situation in the ‘dormitory’ was such that they did not fight enough inside the house. As expected the two of them stood shivering like chickens. Fortunately no melee occurred.

What we understand from the scenes shown to us is that Ari is not afraid of labor. The one who goes down to the field and does the housework so that others can pull it off even if it is scorched. He’s gilly in the task as well. Ducken woke up without hesitation despite waking him up prematurely on the clock task. (But we will remember the antics of Balaji at that time.) Aari was not only hardworking but also honest. Who is very confident in freedom of expression. (This is an important plus point). He would quietly admit if he logically explained a complaint someone was making against him. But the only difficulty is convincing him.

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But, there is one thing that is Ari’s biggest minus point. This is a game. Its basic purpose is success. We have to move towards it. No doubt about it. But – it’s boring at times to see every drop movement of that house as part of the game. Was he the only machine that came to win? ‘I’m going to record this … it’s all in the footage … this is my opinion’ is the dangerous mentality of being in the game consciously tight all the time.

Because this is not a frantic boxing match that can happen in a matter of minutes. The only impulsive aim of the contestants would be to knock out the opponent in the face in that match. That is where their full attention will be. But Big Boss is a long-running game that mixes human emotions. So it requires flexibility and relaxation. Tolerance is the key to being in harmony with others. This is where Ari slips many times.

“Even Madhavanga can smile happily … Didn’t you say something … We are asking … No Boss … But you will never listen unless we say something.” This is what Rio is shouting.

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Let’s look at the pluses and minuses of Balaji like this. Like Arya, Balaji will become a killer when it comes to ‘task’. He or his team will do all they can to win. No doubt about it. But there is plenty of evidence to suggest a ‘no’ to homework. Sometimes he is good at arguing ‘can’t do’.

Balaji’s statement today is as absurd as Ramya’s, “I came here to do my homework.” Because the Big Boss game is not just about doing the given ‘tasks’ with dedication. One’s contribution is valued in conjunction with all other things.

Balaji was the first to get out of bed as if he was on a train after going to jail. But look … what happened behind the scenes? Aritan was lying in the luxury of the bed and questioning him. Balaji stood up and got emotional and threw the mic (Adei! .. Fifteen thousand .. that !. Big Boss Mind Voice) and got angry. No space available on the bed.

The justice in this is (Hehi) that ‘he who rises up in anger will sit with loss’.

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Okay … let’s see what happened on day 89.

The song sounded like ‘Adiye … adiye ivale …. my life is ruined’. (If I want to disgust my housemaid for fun, I usually mutter this song.) The camera showed three female contestants while the song was playing. I don’t know who it applies to.

The Big Boss announced the completion of the Luxury Budget Task. In these cases, the contestants, who usually sigh with relief, slipped into a ‘thank you bigboss’ this time. Because meeting their family members this week will be a big emotional bonus for them.

But the very next minute Big Boss decided to show his villainy. ‘He told me to pick two people who weren’t interesting and involved throughout the week. “Aw … Big Boss, we’re in Emotion Mode. We’ll be here this week …” the contestants begged Big Boss to keep quiet, and Ari suddenly got up and went to nominate.

Balaji murmured to Ajith, “Now Baren … my brother will stab me first” and Balaji pretended to say ‘Yappa Thampi … I should not have spoken here’. , “Balaji did not do well in the Freeze Task. Balaji interrupted while saying, “He has slowed down his house cleaning work.”

“It simply came to our notice then. Only talk about this week’s story, “said Balaji.” That’s what I’m coming to tell you. … ”is fair in what Ari said.

Because that’s what happened last time, as Arie points out. Without fully listening to what Ari was saying, Anita shuddered, “Ari, don’t talk to my family.” Balaji is now making almost the same mistake.

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Ari came to say that ‘the rest of the house cleaning work that was done last week has been joined this week by Balaji’s. Balaji should have been allowed to speak it. Then when his turn comes he may have given an explanation for it.

Balaji, who was slowly stepping on the path of non-violence, is now going backwards in fast reverse gear. When Ari said in a single verse, “Do not come and tell me my grievances,” Balaji came and formally objected to the lack of respect in it.

There is justice for us in this. Calling strangers younger than us rightfully ‘Wada … Boda’ does not cause problems at fun times. But when a fight breaks out, the opponent will use it as a weapon. So calling someone like that should be used with extreme caution. Only those who have the most correct understanding should be called so.

Even after Balaji objected, Ari’s use of the ‘wada … boda’ style was definitely provoking. It is safe to say that Balaji easily fell into the trap set by Ari. Even more so be very careful when the competition is heading towards the finals. If the audience gets a bad name and leaves, it will go on to become a ‘hand-to-mouth story’. Maybe Ari’s path will be much easier if Balaji leaves. This may even be Ary’s account. It is unfortunate that Balaji, who used to say ‘everything is strategy’, did not know this.

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“He is not on my list, but I will nominate him,” said Balaji, who later nominated Arya. Duty player Ari “does not even fold the bed he is lying on. Do not pick up dry clothes. Rotten fruit is lying on the table like that. ” This is really shocking to us. Ari, who portrays himself as a moralist, should not have been ascetic even in such ordinary matters. (What the heck is this ?!). But Ari smiled silently at this.

Balaji nominated Goinzami on the side of the angry fighter and Ajith in anger at Ari as if leaving a plate. As a housekeeping captain he must have asked and bought volunteers. (But Balaji also nominated Ajith in the Best perfomer selection after the ‘beating hand turns off’ policy. I don’t know how one can be the worst participant and the best participant.)

KP and Rio nominated Aria for very modest reasons. Ari, who agreed with KP’s reason, objected only to the reason given by Rio and then argued in detail.

So … Ari and Bala were chosen to go to the lounge this week. Ari did not object to this democratic choice of the people. He immediately agreed. ‘Two lions separated from the flock … when we met again … we could not bear it’ became the story. (Aha! Big Boss would have been happy if the camel content in jail got stuck).

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Next, Big Boss asked me to select three people who would be fully engaged throughout the week. Usually only two people will be selected. “What three guys?” That surprised people.

“The power of Love Pettah is still waning … Will I dare go even if he tells me to go this week. But what the hell is he going to do to meet the people’s forum?” Ari was lamenting to Ramya. “Why the fancy words like ‘I nominated you first’? Beware of hating anyone? ” That is exactly what Ari and Ramya were talking about.

Those who go to the lounge must be locked inside by the captain. But the Captains go inside at times, according to the Big Boss house script. (We can only expect punishment for wrong leaders at the Big Boss house). So when Ramya locks Arya and Balaji in the living room, Ari commented sarcastically, ‘Be happy that your hand is not locked’. If you look at who Ari has spoken to with the most smile so far it would be Ramya.

“Glad to see your awesome people together like this,” Ramya joked and showed them as if they were being photographed. Everything he does like this should not be put on the ‘poison’ list. That’s a different department.

Balaji hurriedly left the bed as if something was taking place in Middle Perth. Balaji’s gesture was like saying to Ari, ‘I will lay down … you lay down’. ‘Luxury’ Kumar Som jokingly exclaimed, ‘Will you start working in a hurry?’ But then it came true.

Ramya’s sarcastic firecrackers continued to explode, “Did the Morning Show end well … Do we have entertainment for Madonna? Tell me, will we put the workshop here?” In a way such teasing can control the rage of the fighters. “You call Rio … talk to Avart … you listen to the entertainment,” said Ari.

Ari has no objection to Rio nominating itself. But the reason Rio said that seemed to be the problem. “You and Balaji are constantly monitoring each other’s activities and fighting. We can show the same interest in other things as well, “Rio said. Is.

“I have done my homework properly. I stand firm even when others often dissolve in the Freeze Task. How can you nominate me … shouldn’t the reason be strong? ” Is the argument put forward by Ari. We have seen this before. There are weaker competitors than Arie. But beating a strong competitor first is a kind of strategy. That’s what Rio does. That is what Ari is objecting to.

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The conflict between Rio and Ari spread and became the Balaji-Ari conflict. Balaji said, “I’m only here to do housework.” Balaji was replying to Ari’s question, “Why didn’t you come? You have been waiting for a lot of weeks for the team.”

Ari was in a position to deal with both Balaji and Rio. “You are safe Chef Rio … When you nominate Shivani, why do you say ‘Wing … I nominated you for the first time’?” To the question posed by Ari, “Brother who likes me … what’s the problem?” Rio overcame that.

The basic concept of ‘loving someone is different from mixing it with intentions into the game’ is used by ‘Assamese’ people as if they still do not understand or do not understand.

“You’re a guy who fights even for garbage,” Balaji exploded. Ari’s reply: “You are unworthy of respect.” Balaji said, “I know how to earn my respect.”

The word ‘laziness’ mentioned by Ari has become a breaking point for Balaji. He was furious as if he had put ten Anitas together. “Tell me laziness one more time … disrespect டும் I achieved what you did at the age of 34 at the age of 24” Balaji shouted, as if Big Boss deserved to come into the house. So are people like Shivani and Ajith all more successful than that at a young age?

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Balaji fanned the mic on the bed in a fit of rage at the word lazy. (A diplomacy in the midst of anger. The mic would have been broken if it had been thrown to the ground). Ajith, who was watching from the side, was shocked to see this scene.

“Don’t tell me I’m lazy,” Ari sighed hysterically at Balaji’s shout. (Falling over and biting the bite ?!). “Okay. I take that word back. I apologize,” Ari came to peace. (Then .. Slum .. Keep the lock in the room locked!).

But in the ensuing debate, Balaji concluded that “Ari did not apologize.” This is what ‘rage blindfolds’ means. If so Balaji’s nose is going to be broken for the second time by the short film. His temper and error may be exposed again. (So ​​wait for the short!).

The next leader announced the competition as a comedy, “You can blow the juice and see if you can get the cat.” In this Rio won.Maybe if Ajith had won, he would have got another week if he had escaped this week.’Voda Poche ‘.

“Rio. As a leader … the first job you have to do. Ari and Balaji were released from the dormitory to tell Big Boss that another leader should not be released.

In the pose of apologizing to Ari who came out ‘sorry. It’s another fight to start with ‘Pro’. I don’t know why Ari turns into a fighter right away so many times. ‘Let it all be. The reason for you though is not right. I agree with what KP said, ”Balaji replied in a formal manner.

“Boda … don’t act,” Ari said angrily again. It is an honor not to speak in a single verse again after Balaji has once objected. But when Ari does it again it seems doubtful whether his intention was to anger Balaji. There is justice in what he says. But the problem is in the tone of voice.

“Did you forget the story of Gold Taskla sleeping and leaving the castle of gold .. Are you lazy to come to me?” Balaji dusted off the first season of the incident. Balaji seems to surpass Arya in the matter of remembering. Bala is a killer in hating the opponent by inserting such a nice needle.

But Ario is ready for anything in the ‘why the veil after soaking completely’ model. ‘Can we play to death?’ Rio started talking to Ari again like a comedy. In fact, his goal seemed to be to make peace with Ari. “We want to hear what you have to say. Don’t you have to listen to what we have to say? ”

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“Oh … are you ready for the Saturday episode?” Rio put that stabbing joke. Once again he realized that he could not win by talking to Ary who had an answer for everything ready.

‘You have come across many challenges here. There are only two weeks left. New challenges await. Congratulations on the final effort. ‘

The rakita rakita song from the movie ‘Jagame Tantram’ sounded like ‘Whatever happens / I will be happy / I will be happy / I will be happy’. Balaji started dancing excitedly because he liked it so much.

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