Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Netizens slams samyuktha for her behaving

Netizens who watched Samyukta’s speech on today’s first promo of the Big Boss show have been sniffing at him.

In today’s first promo of the Big Boss show, it was revealed that Samyukta and Chuchi, who had already left, had come to the Big Boss house. Also Read Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Archana and Nisha point out Balaji’s mistakes; Ex contestants enter the house

Samyukta ties up Balaji and cuddles him like a baby. Netizens who saw this are washing and pouring him Kannapinnavena.

This Netizen who saw the second purmo of the child like the mother, has said that this Chongipala child is for the mummy Archana and Sombuyutta this year! .. The child is like the mother! … Super! …

This Netizen who saw today’s first promo to make a bad name, today he knows the original reality show model .. Can you give a title to Aari .. People will get a bad name, Ari can not do this to make a bad name and Balaji Thiruntitta will not be able to return to him? Netizen mentioned this.

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