Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Spoiler Alert 5th January 2021 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Spoiler Alert 5th January 2021 Rio is lying down. Bigg Boss whispers in the mic and tell him to come to the Confession Room. Housewives are laughing. They are reading its musical performance. Shivani touches the bazaar and sings the song. Then many touched it and argued they touched it first.

Bala asks her to wait until Bigg Boss announces but Gabby sings the song. The housemates are running when Buzzer plays in the second promo. Ari tries to pick up Shivani’s badge but couldn’t. Bala says he will take it if he runs. Ari tells him he is not a man who can run and take a badge.

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Bala was staring at him. He takes the Aari badge. He sits there and says he doesn’t want to play this game. In the third promo, Bala asked the camera how many times he was playing fair but he didn’t come. He tried many times not to keep the property there.

Kamal sir says he made mistakes here and he accepts it but it is not fair to always complain about making mistakes. He’s questioning him Is he a man? No one questioned its guilt. Then how can he tolerate his anger? He is trying his best to control his anger.

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