Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Promo 7th January 2021: Is it a strategy that his enemies suddenly praise Aari?

While Aari has been playing great at the Bigg Boss house for the past 90 days, it is noteworthy that six other contestants are currently targeted. Still, Ari is playing well beyond six games. In this situation today, all of a sudden, Aari is being hailed by all the contestants, causing a huge uproar.

Today, Big Boss says that in the next round of Ticket to Finale, the contestant will have to take a card from the center with a Padaguch as the reason for the contest. Following this, everyone takes the card and explains. Also Read Bigg Boss Tamil 4 7th January 2020 Voting Results for Week 14 Elimination

Aari then takes the card that came to her and explains it and laughs, saying she doesn’t want to waste time. Will Aari, who often has a serious face, jokes about the phrase.

When Rio finishes Aari on this, ‘I am happy to comment on the fun for the first time. Following this, Ramya also congratulated Aari on What’s Wow, What Improvement. Everyone including Balaji appreciates Aari’s laughter. Is his foe a tactic of suddenly praising Aari? Or does Aari really change her mind and play for fun? It will be revealed in tonight’s episode. Also Read Bigg Boss Tamil 4: fault-finding (kora-solra) task has been introduced in which Som and Rio Raj targets Aari

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