Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Shivani Narayanan reentry to bigg boss house

As the Bigg Boss show airing on Vijay TV has reached its final week, all the contestants who have been eliminated from the competition so far have re-entered the Bigg Boss house.

For the past 2 days everyone has been spending time with the finalists. But only Shivani and Suresh Chakraborty have not come to the Big Bash till now. Also, on the 102nd day yesterday (Jan 14), KP took 5 lakh rupees and left. Also Read Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 15th January 2021 Promo: Shivani enters Bigg Bosss house and ignores Balaji Murugadoss

A total of six finalists were selected as Ari, Bala, Som, Rio, Ramya and KP in the Big Boss Season 4 show. Only for them did the Big Boss give them a chance yesterday. That is, the opportunity to pick up the wallet and leave the house. This task will be conducted each season.

But this time it was announced that the cash box with a few lakhs starting from 1 lakh would be placed in the presence of the contestants and any contestant could take it and leave. Big Boss also asked that none of the other contestants who gave reentry give advice in this regard. Balaji Murugadoss who spoke on camera then said that even if 1 crore rupees came I would not take that money. He said victory or defeat would be until the end. Also Read Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Gabriella explains that she did not take the cash box to go home

When the task started, the first box of 1 lakh rupees came. No one picked it up. After that it came to the box with 5 lakh rupees. KP picked up the wallet while thinking that no one would pick it up. Immediately Rio came and gave it to me and told me to go home. But KP did not come forward to give it up.

He didn’t even put that box down. Rio said he would take it if I didn’t pick it up. I do not think less of myself in this game. I have hope. But there is something beyond that. So I decided to go out as KP said. Asked if he was sure of your decision, KP left the contest, answering “Yes”. In the scenes featured in the promo, he said, “Lunch was for those in the Big Boss House, and with it came a flow. When the housemates saw what the mat had sent, Shivani was in it. Everyone who saw him was overjoyed. This is what Som laughs at as that surprise. Ramya is very happy to see Shivani. Also Read Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Gabriella trending after she walks out from bigg boss house

Knowing that Shivani has come, Bala goes to see Shivani with great interest. Shivanio disappeared and slipped away and went to Archana. The promo scenes are set as Bala, who bought the knee as Shivani goes unnoticed, walks away from the place. The show has 3 days left to reach the final stage. Also, viewers are eagerly waiting to know who is the title winner of this season. Also Read Bigg Boss Tamil 4: From the housemates celebrating Pongal to Gabriella Charlton walking out of the show

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