Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Som Shekar wins the ticket to finale; Aari Arjuna gets saved first and becomes the second finalist

In the latest issue of Bigg Boss Tamil 4, the action continued for 9 days. Shivani Narayanan and Ramya Pandiyan continued to work the ropes hard. Bigg Boss instructed the two to throw balls at each other and continue the action. He was then asked to half-squat. Finally, Ramya abandoned the job due to fatigue and Shivani became the winner of the task. He was so tired, Balaji Murugadas picked up Shivani and forced Ramya to relieve Soma. All other housemates applauded and honored the event for more than 4 hours. This ended with a series of final works tickets.

Aari Arjuna wept as he watched the point table and Balaji lose points. Aari apologized to Balaji for questioning his athleticism so that he quit his job. Balaji calmed Aari and said he was happy to have played the game in a fair way. Also Read Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Bala and Aari patch up, Kamal appreciates

During a private conversation, Balaji apologized for using the wrong words against Aari. If they need advice in real life too, I will call them and consult, ”Balaji said.

Host Kamal Haasan congratulated Som, the winner of the final ticket ticket. Kamal handed the badge to other housemates and asked them to pay tribute to Som. Kamal asked the housemates to share their views on becoming a SOME winner. Also Read Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 10th January 2021: Aari asks for sorry from Balaji, Aari Crying with guilty Feeling

Then, after winning the ticket to the final, Som was given the opportunity to interact with her mother. At the turn of events, Som became emotional and drowned. Speaking about his performance on the ticket to the final, Aari said he was not feeling well and was suffering from shoulder pain issues.

Kamal praised Shivani and Ramya for holding the cords in action 9 for 4.48 hours and 4.46 hours respectively. Kamal Gabriella was commended for the good performance and overall performance of the female competitors among other tasks. Also Read Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Vote Results Today 10 January 2021

Kamal Balaji-Aari talked about the rivalry between the pair slowly and steadily turning to friendship due to self-realization. Kamal asked the housemates to share their views on the task of aligning philosophical lines with each other.

Kamal chose the nomination topic to be eliminated. Kareem said Aari’s day was saved and he would become the second finalist of the season. Also Read Bigg Boss Tamil 4: Shivani To Get Eliminated From The Kamal Haasan Show?

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