Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Vote Results Today 9th January 2021

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 will close the screens in the fourteenth week. All seven contestants have been nominated for elimination in the Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 14th week. Twelve eliminations have taken place so far, the last to be eliminated is Azeed. There were a variety of Ticket to Finale performances featuring Gabriella and Somashaker’s stunning performances.

When Ticket to Finale works and influences outsiders, final elimination affects nominations in a number of ways. Shivani and Ramya have continued to struggle in the last two spots since the first day and Somashekar’s dull play this week has been a huge negative for their future. Also Read Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Vote Results Today 8 January 2021

This week’s voting results will see healthy competition on the ballot as top contenders such as Ari, Rio and Balaji are in the nominations. Since Day 1 Arie has dominated, Balaji is in second place by far. The presence of three of the Love Bed Group’s contestants gives audiences a week to focus on Rama and Shivani. Also Read Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Vote Results Today Live Score 08.01.2021: Check Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Online Voting Result Here

Who Will Be in Danger of Eviction This Week?

According to reports, Ramya is likely to expel Pandian or Somashekhar, and / or Shivani this week.

Who Will Be Safe From Eviction This Week?

According to reports, Aari, Rio, Gabriella and Balaji are likely to be safe this week.

Also Read Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Vote Results Today Live Score 08.01.2021: Check Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Online Voting Result Here

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Elimination Nominations List Week 14

  • Aari
  • Balaji
  • Ramya
  • Somshekar
  • Rio
  • Gabriella
  • Shivani

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Voting Results Week 14 Eviction – 9th January 2020

  • Aari – 40% vote share (160,325 votes)
  • Balaji– 14% vote share (56,113 votes)
  • Rio – 10% vote share (40,987 votes)
  • Somshekar – 8% vote share (32,619 votes)
  • Ramya – 8% vote share (32,544 votes)
  • Gabriella – 10% vote share (40,127 votes)
  • Shivani – 8% vote share (32,113 votes)

Ticket to finale tasks bring cheer in the house; Contestants have fun performing them

In the latest promos released by the makers of the Tamil reality show Bigg Boss, contestants can be seen having maximum fun while performing tasks for the final ticket. In one act, contestants were asked to take a billboard with a reference and paste it onto photos of the contestants. They were asked to read the quote and determine which contestants’ behavior matched the house and then paste it on the photo.

Aari, who seemed to be laughing and smiling throughout the promo, praised Rio for taking things into the sport. Rio embraced Aari and said that this was the first time Aari had taken a job that wasn’t so serious. In the next promo, the balls were placed in the rings and the contestants were asked to take the balls and put them in a different ring and roll them onto the ground. During the task, they were all seen laughing and hugging each other.

Meanwhile, in the latest episode of the show, Aari and Balaji appear to be trying to get along. The contestants were asked to rate themselves and Ari was 7th, even though he was not a favorite of the housemates, he was sure the audience would like him. Balaji took 6th place and said he was trying to leave his negativity before he left home. He said he had anger issues and he couldn’t hide it. Aari praised him for being honest. He hugged and lifted his head in admiration.

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Eviction Week 14 Voting Trends and Analysis

The ‘Ticket to finale’ closing tasks was the major highlight of this week. Shivani entered the elimination battle this week though she was not nominated and is trailing. Rio was nominated this week in spite of being the captain.

  • As the vote drops this week, Ramya Pandian has fallen in the form of shows on Ticket to Finale.
  • Gabriella was impressed with her performance on Thursday, which helped improve vote sharing in this week’s elimination. They are a considerable percentage safe.
  • Although Shivani did her best to impress on Ticket to Final, the intense competition stifled her efforts.
  • Somashekar has a strong chance of making it to the final of Bigg Boss Tamil 4.
    Ari Vihara, who had a huge lead over Rio and Balaji in spite of modest performances on Ticket to Finale.

How to Vote in Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Week 14 Elimination?

How to vote in Hotstar for Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Disney+ Hotstar App?

  1. Open Play Store or iOS Appstore on your mobile.
  2. Search for the “Disney + Hotstar” app and install the latest version.
  3. Open the Hotstar app now.
  4. Go to the “Bigg Boss Tamil” page.
  5. Below the stream, you will find the option to vote.
  6. Click on “Vote Now” button.
  7. Choose your favorite contestant.
  8. You have 50 votes every day to vote for Bigg Boss Tamil4.
  9. Missed call voting is also available, and that information is provided below.

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