Naagin 5 August 22, 2020 Written Update: Veer is in love with Bani

Naagin 5 begins with Jay’s family asking him not to get into a fight with Veer and his friends. Soon after Jay’s family leaves, Veer and he get into a physical fight. Bani watches all this and is about to stop them but Noor stops her. Noor asks her not to get involved in them as Veer and his family is politically well connected. Bani enters in and asks both of them to stop the fight. Veer sees Bani and falls in love with her. She scolds him and asks him who the hell is he. Jay tries to hit Veer but he goes on starring at Bani. Veer’s friends take him away from there. Later Bani and Jay find out that Noor is missing and Veer has gone behind him. They both set out to search for Noor. While they search for Noor, they find her dupatta and soon find Noor fallen unconscious on the ground. Jay tells Bani that Noor is no more. Bani is depressed and Jay tells her that they need to leave the place as its an area where a lot of cheels are there in the area.

They leave when Veer reaches there and the police also arrive. They go and search for Noor’s body but it’s not there. They are shocked and speculate that Veer’s brothers must have done something. Jay and Bani decide to search for Noor’s body when Bani finds a couple who informs them that they saw people with a dead body. Bani searches Noor and finds out that Veer and his friends are trying to bury Noor’s body. Bani shoots the video but Veer’s friends hear some noise and they run behind Bani. However, Bani leaves and Veer’s friends turn into Cheel. Veer friends inform him that they found no one. Veer and his friends turn into Cheel and leave. Bani goes back to the place where Noor was buried and tries to remove her body. Bani decides to punish Veer and says that she hates him. Veer’s brothers ask him why did he let Jay hit him. On the other hand, Bani says that she met Jay and she felt like she is in love while when she met Veer she was filled with hatred. Veer’s father, Balwant is angry on the servants and is waiting for his sons. Balwant asks Veer why did he go out during the day. Balwant asks Veer whether he remembers the day when he told him about their truth. Veer remembers that his father had told him not to ever trust any Naag and Naagin. Later, Veer tells his family about Bani and that he is in love with her. Balwant asks Veer to stay away from such girl. He tells Veer that as per his ‘kundali’ he will fall in love with his enemy. Bani, on the other hand, Bani tells her sister that Noor is no more. She tells her that she needs to go to the police station.

Jay reaches home and his siblings have a cute conversation with her. His sister is worried as it was a full moon last night and Jay feels breathless that day. However, Jay ignores it and talks about Bani. He says that he feels he met Bani somewhere and that she is special. Bani asks her sister to handle things at home so that she can leave and give the proof to the police. Bani tells her to take care as their stepmother might create a scene if she finds out that Bani was out. Bani calls Jay but his phone is with Veer. Bani speaks to him as she feels its Jay and tells him that she has the video of Veer and his gang burying Noor’s dead body. Bani asks him to meet her.

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