Bigg Boss Tamil 4: What happened in bigg boss house?

Today’s Episode started with the morning song ‘Varudu varudu vilagu vilagu’. Followed by this, BB announced the third task for the ticket to finale.

Today’s Bigg boss episode saw the continuation of the Ticket to Finale task – Coin and Buzzer tasks. Aari Vs Bala fight was the main (actually, only) content today. And, BB trolled Bala and gave him the ultimate bulb! Well, he asked for it!

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Day 93, Coin task:

One coin would be pasted on the back of each HM, and the other HMs should try to remove the pasted coin.

Jolly note:

I have no idea why Bigg Boss gives such villangamana tasks. Or, maybe, we do have an idea!

Shivani and Ramya leaned against the wall so that the other HMs could not touch them.

Gabi went to attack Shivani. Deiriyamana Gabi! Both fought like wrestlers. Bala saw their fight and went to rescue Shivani. On seeing Bala, Gabi got scared and moved on. Bala casually commented ‘see, you both moved’.

After sometime, Bala easily removed Rio’s coin.

Somu targeted Gabi and removed her coin. While Somu was removing the coin Gabi got hurt. Oops! Then Somu went to Ramya to remove her coin, but he lost focus. He got disturbed on hearing Gabi’s and Rio’s discussion about Gabi’s wound and turned back to listen! But, Ramya quickly removed his coin. That was smart.

Somu went to what remains of his love bed team, and asked what happened to Gabi. Instead Gabi asked why he was not able to take Ramya’s coin. Somu said that Ramya being lady, he could not put a lot of effort. Then Gabi asked ‘naan enna kilu keeraia?’

Key point:

Perfect question. It was obvious Somu took Gabi’s coin with force as they are friends, and he was confident that she won’t accuse him later. But he cannot do that with Ramya or Shivani. And thani aala irkura Aari cannot really put force on any female contestant there. Riskuuuu. That’s the reason this is a very controversial task.

Aari vs Bala:

Aari tried to catch Bala. Bala put chairs and stools to block the way. Aari got annoyed and asked why he did that – it was bordering foul. Bala said that it was his strategy. He said he could not run.

Uhm… Gymla weight lift panna mattum podadhuma Bala. Treadmillayum appapa odanum!

Aari got annoyed, turned his back and asked Bala to take his coin away with no effort. He said he didn’t want to play like this, without sportsmanship. Roshakara Bala said Thank you and took his coin.

Aari asked ‘Nee amablai paiyan dhane odi pidikamudiyada’?

Bala asked other HMs for nyayam. Gabi said that what Bala did was wrong. Bigg Boss has allowed the whole garden area for running, she said. Rio also said something similar, but mildly. He seems scared of Bala. Paavam.

Aari left the place. Then Bala easily removed Ramya’s and Shivani’s coins.

Key point:

It was obvious that Balaji wanted to favor Ramya and Shivani. Purposefully he took their coins last so that they would get more points for holding on longer.

Bala tried to twist Aari’s words ‘ambala paiyan’, Aari clearly explained what he had said. Ironically, Bala also told Aari when he asked him why he targeted Ramya and Shivani last, that ladies are weak. Seriously!!?? I think everyone needs to keep in mind that it is a family show telecast in national television. Kids watch it. Let’s not implant gender based capabilities in our kids at a young age.

Bala was later seen cribbing before the camera about Aari’s comments. But he said that he won’t get angry. Idha pathu sirikardha azhardhanu ore confusion!

Buzzer task:

A BGM would be played. Those who identify the song should touch the buzzer and sing the Pallavi of the song. First song, Shivani pressed the buzzer and sang the song. She got full points. Clap! Clap! After this, Bala didn’t allow anyone else to press the buzzer. He kept touching the buzzer first even when he clearly did not know the song. This happened many times, again and again. Too many times, to dismiss it as an honest mistake. But the funny thing was, he didn’t have the presence of mind to sing a random wrong song. He would just stand after pressing the buzzer and say he forgot!!!!

After a few attempts he found one song. At least after this, he could have allowed others (who know the songs) to go near the buzzer. But no, he guarded the buzzer like a kazhugu!!!! He also hit Gabi thrice and she got hurt. Rio poor thing got one chance, and he sang correctly. Clap! Clap!

Jolly note:

Mid-way Engal Thalaivan Bigg Boss announced that the wrong answers, or no answers, after pressing buzzer would get the presser negative points. Gasp! I want to say “Paavam” Bala, but I don’t feel like it! He rightfully earned every negative point that he got. It belonged to him! And ofcourse, Bala could not do anything as the rules were coming from the Big Guy – Bigg Boss. And on BB’s defence he had already said that he might change rules mid way, as he pleased.

Trio game:

After this, Gabi got one chance but forgot the Pallavi of the song. Poor girl. She knew most of the songs when Bala pressed the buzzer before her and didn’t sing the song. BB announced that since Aari, Ramya and Somu got zero points, next three rounds were dedicated for them. Ramya sang in the first attempt and got full points. Somu touched the buzzer but forgot the song. Somu lost this trio game with -ve points. Aari didn’t no any song, so no plus or no minus!

Final tally – Shivani and Ramya got full points. Rio, Somu, and Gabi got one negative point each for touching the buzzer and not singing. But Bala got the least with a humungous negative score.

Semma semma bulb to Bala.

In the coin task he played for Ramya and Shivani, and saved them by removing their coins last. Very unfair game he played in the coin task. And his dishonest game continued in the songs task too.

I think BB taught him a Perfect lesson.

Cumulative of today’s and yesterday’s tasks, Ramya is in first place, Rio & Shivani is second, Aari and Bala are in third place, Somu is in fourth place, and Gabi is in fifth place.

Yesterday, Aari and Bala were in the same rank as well, and today too. Let’s see what happens tomorrow!

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