Bigg Boss Tamil 4 3rd Jan 2021 Preview: Kamal Hassan Aari Bala Ramya Review Day 90

Bigg Boss Tamil Vijay Tv: Kamal’s reprimand was different in previous seasons. But, why is he going to bow to rivals this season? In particular, questions did not arise in the minds of the people, including why Bala refuses to issue a stern warning of violence.

Yesterday’s episode was the answer to all these questions. Yesterday’s episode was definitely more of a test of Kamal’s political entry than any other housemate’s warning. It is no exaggeration to say that the performance of the world hero who sprayed on the Big Boss stage following his political stance caused so much anticipation.

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There is no new year for the people of Tamil Nadu without the song ‘Ilamai Ido Ido ..’ The Big Boss show is the only exception in that order! The episode, which began with this exciting song in the new year, aired on New Year’s Eve, the way Big Boss cornered Aari at home.

Bala’s job is to glue the cake! After listening to Aari Ramya’s conversations and putting them in Rio’s Love Pet group, the next second Som and Rio all appeared at Ari’s place. No one dared to underline Bala’s eavesdropping but in what way is it fair that everyone condemned that it was only Ari who overheard Anita and Archana conversations?

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Ramya, who is always in favor of Bala, could not accept Aari’s claim that he was speaking to one side. Also, the word test has shown our patience in making preconceived notions without understanding the points that Aari is coming to say. But, it is noteworthy that the oxidative laughter disappeared in the Kamal episode. (What would it be!)

Also, it was not Aari but Palathane who started the fight that night. Bala, who was arrogant and told not to talk about Shivani, extended the argument and resorted to violence. The fact that such an act has in fact created a lot of negativity in the country can be felt when looking at people’s opinion posts on social websites for the past two days.

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Although there is nothing wrong with her, the way Aari apologizes to Shivani is something people should learn from watching. What do they think they should learn from Bala. There is nothing to say about Bala except that he is an example to the majority of 2k kids.

Shivani’s mother made a video call and gave advice to Shivani’s mother in a way that does not convince us. It was like a conspiracy by Chanel to think ‘don’t leave Shivani for four hours’. What a sin to buy a little girl! Next up is the Force Ten, although the way Kamal spoke instead of Aari to all the housemates was good.

Kamal’s reaction to the way Bala spoke and broke the mic was mild. Kamal has never behaved like this in previous seasons. The cut was one piece awesome. Maybe it’s because Kamal didn’t have time to watch the Big Boss show!

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Ari did not resort to violence to the extent of advising Ari that ‘it is better to speak kindly’. Ovia, in the Parani lineup, is a role model for everyone without Aari making any wrong decisions, standing alone and losing self-confidence. For that he needs special compliments. Although not encouraged, it may not have been dropped.

The extent to which Rio was scared was evident in his false smile. Ajith’s expression and clear vision emerged in yesterday’s episode. But what’s the point? This may have been done before. KP and Som’s positions were correct.

It is not clear why the Big Boss team still supports Bala, who is a false role model. Bala’s job is to reprimand Kamal in the episode, then ask the person involved to fight, and then fight again from Monday to Thursday.

The only thing people expect in the case of Bala is a ‘red card’. What is Kamal going to answer to the question of whether he will take a similar stance in politics?

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