Bihar, Shahpur Assembly Election 2020: Indira Gandhi came to Shahpur to hear the vote but lost the candidate, this time

Patna / Ara, Kaushal Mishra. Shahpur, Bihar Election 2020: The Shahpur Assembly elections will be interesting this time around. On the one hand there is the challenge of saving the seat, on the other hand, there is a quarrel between the family. Rahul Kumar, the outgoing MLA from the Grand Alliance, is in the arena. Former MLA Munni Devi, on the other hand, is contesting as NDA BJP candidate. Jethani Shobha Devi of Munni Devi is also free. A total of 23 candidates are in the arena. There are nine independents among them.

From Union Minister to Governor

The land of the Shahpur Assembly is politically fertile. The land is the product of the Chief Ministers from the Union Minister to the Governor. The region has been a bastion of socialists ever since. Since the first assembly election in 1951, people of socialist ideology have won more times. Labor leader Bindeshwari Dubey was elected as the MLA from here.

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