BJP says Love Jihad is a serious problem, bid – States should take action

The BJP, which on Sunday described itself as a ‘love jihad’, has a serious problem and the party has supported the decision of states to make a law against it. The BJP-ruled states Uttar Pradesh and Haryana have clarified their intent to draft laws against ‘love jihad’. ‘Love Jihad’ is a term coined by pro-Hindutva groups which forces Hindu girls to convert to religion by pretending to marry.

Opposition parties have said that it is the BJP’s attempt to divide the society and that any such law is against the constitution. Answering a question in this regard, BJP general secretary Arun Singh said – “Love jihad is a serious problem and many mothers and sisters have to bear the consequences.” This is a state matter and state governments should make laws about it. State governments are worried about this and even do it.

Targeting the saffron party on the issue of ‘love jihad’, hattis quoted Chief Minister Bhupesh Bagale, referring to the marriages of some BJP leaders of other religions, Bagel said he should first make his promises. What happened to them when they came to power? The Chhattisgarh government is synonymous with misconduct and corruption, he said.