Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut wished fans on Navratri, shared photos and shared these special messages

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has congratulated her fans via social media on Navratri. He also wrote a special message to his fans on this auspicious occasion. Kangana shared a picture on her Twitter account where she is seen worshiping at the shrine.

While sharing the photo, Kangana wrote in the caption, ‘Shiva is the ultimate zero. Energy has the role of energy, which means energy is everything. There is immense potential in Navratri. Let’s work to increase our energy. ‘Kangana fans have been commenting on this tweet and wish the actress Durga Pooja good luck

It is understood that Kangana will soon be shooting for her upcoming films Tejas and Kaa Kakad. He has started training before that. Recently, Kangana showed some glimpses of training for fans via social media. He shared a video of it on his Twitter account, in which he was seen boxing, playing hands and practicing with coaches.

Kangana Ranaut, who shared this video on Twitter, said, “I have started action training for my upcoming ‘Tejas’ and ‘Kaa Chakad’ films. I play military and detective roles in these films. Also, he dug up MP Jaya Bachchan’s Thali comment that Bollywood Thali may have given me a lot, but after Manikarnika’s success I also gave Bollywood the first action heroine.