Brand ambassador of IIPM was Shah Rukh Khan, Director Arindam Chaudhary has a 420 case registered; Arrested earlier

Arindam Chaudhary, the founding director of the Indian Institute of Planning and Management (IIPM), was arrested. The Central Goods and Services Dept (CGST) has arrested Arindam Chaudhary for alleged tax evasion.

However, this is not the first time Arindam Chaudhary has been arrested, even before he has been caught. The special thing is that Arindam Chaudhary himself also studied from the same IIPM and he was accused of giving fake degrees in the name of this institute.

It is said that in 1973, Arindam Chaudhary’s father Malayendra Kishore Chaudhary opened a management institute in Delhi called IIPM.

Arindam Chaudhary himself wanted to go to America to study but his father advised him to study in IIPM itself. From his father’s institute, Arindam did first graduation and then post graduation.

According to media reports, after the post graduation, Anand opened his firm hiring people for companies. There was a time when Arindam Chaudhary became so famous because of his excellent attire and special style of speaking that his advertisements were often seen in newspapers and TV.

Shah Rukh Khan has been the brand ambassador of IIPM. When the institute was accused of cheating students, a demand for a CBI probe against Shah Rukh was raised.

Arindam has said about the ways in which your company has worked on a TV show, that if you criticize the way I wear my clothes, I might not say anything to you, but if you question my business, I will bring a case against you.

Will do it. Arindam’s group companies have filed several cases in court to defend the charges against them.

According to an old Economic Times report, according to Arindam, 3500 students used to take admission in IIPM every year and course fees of Rs 14.75 lakh to 18.75 lakh were collected from each student.

In the year 2011, a report published in ‘Caravan’ mentioned that he had bargained with IIPM that he would get students admitted to the institute and take money in return.

It was said that many such middlemen were in touch with the institute. The IIPM guaranteed the students a club, swimming pool, snooker table and 100% placement inside the institute. However, there was controversy when it came to guaranteeing 100% placement.

The institute also claimed that it offers IIM Belgian degrees. However, when Carriers 360 investigated these claims of the institute, it was later said that the University of Buckingham has denied any association with IIPM.

After this, the institute said to award degree from University of Buckingham, later this claim was also found wrong in the research of some media institutions.

In 2009, students started protesting on the campus of IIPM as they came to know that the institute is not recognized. After the uproar, the state government asked the Uttarakhand Technical University to investigate the matter.

After its investigation for several days, the university told the government that the IIPM neither has the approval of the government nor has it accepted the university itself.

In such a situation, the MBA degrees offered by him are not valid. Many students of this institute are still fighting the case and the credibility of the institute is no longer the same.

Arindam Chaudhary has been arrested in a Rs 23 crore tax fraud. Earlier in the month of March this year, he was arrested in a fake medical certificate case. However, he later missed out on Bell.

Following the UGC’s complaint in 2015, the Delhi Police had filed a case against IIPM for misleading students, chitting with them and fooling them. Explain that a case was registered against Arindam Chaudhary, dean and director of the institute under Section 420 (fraud) of IPC.

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