BSEH 10th 12th Examination 2021: Batch Haryana Board makes arrangements for conducting duplicate examination

BSEH 10th 12th Examination 2021: Working together with the Education Officer and the Principal Superintendent of the District Education Officer, District Basic Education Officer, Block, Transparency and Reliability to make the secondary and senior Secondary (Academic and Open School) Annual Examination of the Haryana School Board of Secondary Education unequivocal . At the same time, make every effort to make Haryana a copyright state. These instructions were given at a meeting in Bhiwani. Vice President of the Board, VP Yadav and Secretary, Rajiv Prasad were also present.

Copycat will be disqualified from the three-year examination
The Vice President of the Board, VP Vasanth, said that the examination duty is mandatory so that all District Education Officers should release principals, head teachers and spokespersons appointed by the schools under them. He explained that the Board of Education is going on very delicately, especially without cheating on exams. Therefore, by adopting a zero tolerance policy on exams, the Board of Education will appeal to the District and Police Administration for cooperation in preventing duplication.

In all cases of impersonation, an FIR will be filed by the Central Superintendent of Police against the actual candidate and the examiner in his place and will be disqualified for three years, he said.

Students with covid signs sit individually
In view of the Kovid-19 pandemic, all applicants must follow the instructions issued by the government during the board exam. At the same time, it is imperative to apply social distance and mask at the test center. All candidates are required to reach the examination center following the guidelines given in the admission card. If the candidate has symptoms related to the corona epidemic, the center’s concerned superintendent will be responsible for arranging a separate seat for him at the examination center.

Board exams will begin April 20
The Senior Secondary Examination Round will commence on April 20, Board Secretary Rajeev Prasad said. On the other hand, a second-class test will be conducted from April 22 to May 18. The timing of these tests is from 12:30 noon to 3:00 pm. This time, these tests are 2:30 hours instead of three.
He informed that Section 144 would be applicable to prevent fraud in board examinations and that all district officials and police chiefs would be requested to handle the police. If necessary, the Chief Central Superintendent will contact the relevant Police Post or Postpost Incharge to deploy a large number of police forces outside the examination centers.

Copying complaint in WhatsApp numbers
Board Secretary This time the Board of Education has organized an essay competition to motivate students to copy-abolish, with the announcement of the abolition abolition being the first to be printed on an admission card issued by the Board. They informed that during the admission of candidates at the examination center, school leaders would ensure that no external persons entered with them at any stage. The Board of Education has issued WhatsApp number 8816840349 to immediately resolve external interference and duplicate complaints at test centers.

Principals of government schools encourage underprivileged children to study
Special attention has been given by the District Education Department to improve the test results in government schools this time. Under this, students are divided into Levels 1, 2 and 3 based on pre-board and assessment tests. The principal is entrusted with the responsibility of motivating students who are weak and doing well in exams. It is worth mentioning that board examinations are being conducted at the district level for the second time to improve the test result. To this end, the District Education Department is constantly trying to improve the results.