Buying a house in Maharashtra was cheaper, the government reduced the stamp duty

Many big decisions were taken today in the meeting of Maharashtra cabinet. The state government has given the biggest relief to those who buy houses, shops or plots. The government has announced a reduction in stamp duty.

The state cabinet has reduced the stamp duty to 3 percent by 31 December. After the new decision, the stamp duty will be 2 percent till December. It will be 3 percent from January to March next year. Presently stamp duty is 5 percent.

With this decision of the government, it will become cheaper to buy a house in Maharashtra. After this decision, home buyers in Maharashtra will now have to pay 2 per cent stamp duty instead of 5 per cent.

The economy of the country and the world is sitting due to the Corona transition. Maharashtra is at the top in the entire country in terms of corona infection. Due to the corona, business has collapsed here. The government treasury is constantly being emptied. The government hopes that by reducing the stamp duty, the purchase and purchase of property will increase and the government will get revenue from it.

Let me tell you that last week Revenue Minister Bala Saheb Thorat had said that people associated with the real estate sector had met him and informed him about the challenges of the sector. Representatives of the real estate sector demanded him to reduce stamp duty and registration fees. Balasaheb Thorat had said to consider it seriously.

Talking about Corona, 14,888 new cases of infection were registered in Maharashtra today. The number of people infected with corona in Maharashtra has crossed 7.18. However, 5.22 of these people have fully recovered. Today 295 people died.indianin

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