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It is the best-selling and most influential science fiction ever. Frank Herbert’s 1965 book, Dune Star Wars, has influenced Star Trek, fictional heroes, fantasy worlds and myriad stories. Still, no one knows much about this despite the movie in 1984 and the TV series in 2000. Another attempt on the big screen comes out in December. You better get ready.

Dunne? The dust falls

It is. Herbert’s story (spread out in five sequences) is set in a future ud egalitarian world where everyone is fighting for power, resources and political gains. You reveal all this through our hero Paul Atrides, whose family takes the name of the barren (fine, dusty) planet Arkis, nicknamed Doon, the only source of the universe.


Not enough. Spice Melange is an underground gas that extends life, changes time and enhances mental abilities that allow you to go into space. Hard to find, violently demanding, dangerous to collect and highly addictive (note blue eyes). This is so valuable that director David Lynch, in his 1984 adaptation, dedicated the entire opening sequence to explaining it.

There is also a kind of female gang

Bene Gesarit is a special cabal of women who have trained their brains to develop proper magical powers and are an invaluable ally in power broking (when they do not infiltrate powerful homes and planets).

But this is not an Indiana Jones search

Ine is often called the world’s most influential science fiction novel. And the makers of Star Trek and Star Wars have acknowledged its impact. (

Herbert started out as a journalist. He saw environmental writing flourish with Rachel Carson’s landmark book Silent Spring published in 1962. The film Lawrence of Arabia, released in the same year, featured a hero who strikes desert dwellers against an advanced empire.

The mounds are woven into religion, ecology, technology, politics, moral dilemmas and relationships. It includes Islam, Christianity, Hinduism and many more. It’s scary scary about fantasy technology; It focuses on power systems and flawed leadership.

Twenty publishers rejected Dune. The firm that eventually published the car-repair manual took it. But Doon won the inaugural nebula in 1965 for best American sci-fi novel. It won the Hugo Award the following year.

The first film attempt was an epic failure

In 1975, director Alejandro Jodorsky planned a 10-hour, film version with his son, including Salvador Dali, Orson Welles, Gloria Swanson, Geraldine Chaplin and Mick Jagger. Pink Floyd was supposed to be part of the soundtrack. Dell wanted $ 100,000, per hour, and the directors agreed; He planned to shoot some of Dolly’s major scenes in 60 minutes and assign the dummy to the rest. I want the treasure to run away before filming begins.

Other optimizations worked fine

Sting was in the 1984 version of Dunn, which was relaxed upon release, but later became cult.

Sting was in the 1984 Dunn adaptation, which was relaxed upon release, but has since followed a cult following. (Official image)

Lynch rejected the return of Jedi (1983), released in 1984. Fans have said that this is not quite reliable (Sting played the assassin who mostly lived in a leather bikini; Patrick Stewart played Patrick Stewartsk). The filmmakers were hopelessly confused. It has been in the mainstream since the 1990s, when the film gained cult status.

The TV show Frank Herbert’s Dunes, which debuted on the US Sci-Fi Channel in 2000, and the 2003 sequel to Children of the Dunes Channel by Frank Herbert. There is also a board game and a computer game. The best part: The mound fans are not trolling and the Denvers are not milked for goods. Not yet.

And now, for the film

Based on the promo, the dunes look really dusty. Blue eyes indicate addiction to spice so there is plenty to unpack in this picture.

Based on the promo, the dunes look really dusty. Blue eyes indicate addiction to spice so there is plenty to unpack in this picture. (Warner Bros.)

Director Dennis Villanuev is producing a new adaptation of the sci-fi thriller Arrival (2016), which will be revealed next year. It is associated with production houses in the US, UK, Canada and Hungary and is the first of two planned independent films.

The cast is small: Timothy Chalamet and Endenda will star alongside Rebecca Ferguson, Oscar Isaac, Josh Brolin, Stellan Skarsgಡ್rd, Jason Momoa and Javier Bardem.

For the trailer, music director Hansmore Timmer trained 32 singers for FaceTime from their homes in Lockdown and recorded Pink Floyd’s Eclipse home.

There is already a spin-off.

The HBO prequel series Dune: The Sisterhood, in which Denis Villanuev is directing the pilot, is coming out soon.