Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces; August 20th to 26th

All the dim things happen by the Guru in the zodiac.

Things that are shrinking will all gain speed. Attention is required when dealing with opposition. Good things happen in the family. There will be relief. Concerns about family members will go away.

The kids will be happy. Get the support of a life partner. Relatives will come and get help from them.

Business may involve business related expenses. Collaborators will see progress.

The business affiliated with the topic of public relations rollout plans is ever expanding. Those on the job will have an extra workload. You will end up doing it anyway and buy a good name.

Women have vain distractions and unexpected expenses. Efforts will be successful for the arts. It is better for students to set aside more time than usual to study subjects.

Lucky Weeks: Monday, Friday
Directions: South, Northwest
Colors: light blue, yellow
Numbers: 2, 6
Remedy: Worshiping Lord Saturn brings pleasure.

(Avitam 3, 4 feet, Satyam, Purattadi 1, 2, 3 feet)

This week will boost morale and the energy to get anything done.

You will show speed in doing and finishing the thought. Cash flow will be satisfactory. It is better to protect possessions carefully. Vain problems arise in the family. You will deal with them gracefully.

Husbands and wives are united by not talking about old things. It is good to focus on physical health. Happiness is caused by children.

Help is available through friends to adjust the cash flow in the business. You will be involved in the tasks required to progress in the industry. Those in office will be disturbed in office related work.

But expect good results for the work done. Cash flow for women will be satisfactory. The situation will arise for the artists to get credit.
Efforts will be made to get extra marks for the students. It is better to avoid vain waves.

Lucky Weeks: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
Directions: West, Northwest
Colors: White. Yellow
Numbers: 3, 6
Remedy: Anything to worship Shiva will bring success.

(Purattadi 4th Foot, Uthirattadi, Revathi)

You will keep your word this week.

Sudden anger. Good to be in control. The harassment by the next will decrease. Happiness can happen in the family. It is good to talk casually with relatives.

The gap between husband and wife will narrow. Adult support is available. It is good to talk sweetly to children. Despite the additional turmoil in business-related matters, the end result is positive.

It is good to keep up with customers. For those who are in the office, worrying about office work will go away. Will have to work longer hours. Get the support of superiors.
Women can benefit by reducing their anger and talking calmly. Artists will have to work on anything in addition.

It is good for students to study subjects with extra focus and with the help of teachers to see progress in education.

Lucky Weeks: Tuesday, Thursday
Directions: North, Southwest
Colors: red, yellow
Numbers: 3, 9
Remedy: Worshiping the Siddhas gives peace of mind.

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