Check today’s prices for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether Price Decline

The price of cryptocurrencies has fallen again today. In the last 24 hours, the price of bitcoin has fallen by 8 percent to $ 34,000. At the same time, Ether and Dogcoin also fell. According to CoinDesk data, Bitcoin fell 8%, 6 33,663.43, Ethereum fell 7% to 5 2,595, and other cryptocurrencies, including Doggy Coin, fell 10%.

In the week ended June 4, Bitcoin 1 reached 141 million. Bitcoin’s trading value fell 62% on Monday as compared to the previous month, according to coin sharing. Bitcoin prices have fallen sharply in the past few months. This is because investors are withdrawing huge amounts of money. The Bitcoin Fund saw record outflows last week.

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The bad news about cryptocurrencies comes from China as well. Because of this, China’s own platform, Weibo Twitter, has also been blocked. Several Weibo accounts have been closed for violating the rules.

What are the rules in India

There is currently no clear law regarding cryptocurrencies in India. The Supreme Court of India has not banned the trading of cryptocurrencies. However, from time to time, there are suggestions from the RBI regarding cryptocurrencies. According to media reports, in time to come, the government may introduce any law regarding cryptocurrency.

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