Chinna Poove Mella: Here’s Why You Must Watch Shraddha Arya and Dheeraj Dhoopar’s Show

TV is the spin-off series of Chinnu Poov Mella, the Tamil version of Kundali Bhagya’s popular show Inia Iru Malargal Those are the stars Mr. and Mrs. Shabir Ahluwalia In the lead roles. If you are a fan of Inia Iru Malargal, we can assure you that you will stick to the Chinna Poo Mella show.

Shraddha Arya and Dheeraj Dhooper are the main characters in this romantic drama television series. Fans eagerly awaiting the spin-off series, the Chinna Poo Mella show has started streaming on EEE 5. Let’s see why you should watch the show…

1. Plotline

Inia Iru Malargal ranks high on TRPs and tops the list of favorite shows. While Inia Iru Malargal tops the list by introducing a memory loss drama, Chinna Poo Mella looks at the next generation and sees Pragya and Abhi as patrons. Yes, in the spinoff series, we see the lost children reuniting with their parents.

2. Lead pair

It’s interesting to see a completely fresh pair of romance on the reel. Shraddha and Dheeraj are sure to bring a lot of freshness, youthfulness and romance to the screen, so this is definitely one of the reasons why you should watch it.

3. turns

The story of the spinoff series features a mixture of ict predictable and unexpected twists, which make the show interesting. The show not only has the best of Inia Iru malargalcharters, but also new storylines.

4. Entertainment

With the right mix of old and new, Chinna Poo Mella is sure to keep its loyal viewers hooked on the respective television screens and boost its fan base.