Chithi 18th October 2020 Written Update: Dharma plots against Yazhini

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The serial begins with Yadini thanking Sharada for her blessing and saying that she will be the winner. Kavin looks at Wenba. The anchors ask the competitors to go to their respective rooms and get ready. Dharma tells Wenba that she is happy to see her and asks if Kavin told her about the competition. Wenba replies no and walks away. Religion is bad for Yajini participating with Kavin in this contest instead of Wenba.

Yazini, go to Kavin’s room. Kavin makes some excuses and goes out. Anbu arrives at the hotel. Sharadha asks where Nandini is and asks Anbu to call her Nandini. The latter picks up the call and tells her that she is on the way. Anbu asks her to come faster. Anbu says she makes excuses and she doesn’t come. Sharda confidently says that Nandini will definitely come before the competition begins.

Kavin calls Wenba. The latter picks up the call and asks what he wants. Cavin says he wants his wife. Wenba says don’t call his wife. Kavin teases Wenba. The latter tells her that she is not his wife because she took out Thali. Kavin asks if he doesn’t like calling his wife. She says no. Kavin says she is lying. Seeing the Yagna, Wenba cuts the call. When YaZini asks who she is talking to, she lies to Nandini. They both go to Yajini’s room and drink coffee. When Ya Zhini turns, she mistakenly hits Wenba’s hand and the coffee cup falls and breaks. Thali comes out while bending down. Wenba’s phone rings, it’s Kavin. Yajini picked up the call without seeing her name on the show but the call was disconnected. Wenba looks at Tali outside and hides it.

Kavin stops Wenba and tells her that she looks more beautiful after their wedding. He feels lucky to have such a beautiful wife. Wenba pushes him a little and walks away.

The anchors meet Deeba and Kalai in their room and introduce them to the camera. Next to the stage, the anchors reveal the names of the judges, Madan Babu and Vinodhini. He calls some dancers on the show. They dance in a romantic song. Religion intends to do something for Wenba to do with Kavin in the Ya Zhini position.

Judge Vinodini arrives, followed by Madan Babu. Anchors greet them.

In the room, Yajini walks away, asking Kavin to do make-up first. Next to the stage, the presenter calls the judges on the stage and asks for some jokes and the judges give some fun answers. The presenters dance in a song called Silku Marame. Yajini gets there and sees her performing and imagining dancing with Kavin on stage for the same song.

Sharda looks at Wenba sadly and questions what happened. Wenba says he wants to win the award because Nandini and Anbu live separately. All the gods prayed that Nandini and Anbu should win this contest. Sharda is proud of Wenba and says that Nandini and Anbu should at least win.

In the room, Nandini is getting ready. Anbu says she looks beautiful. Nandini says she should remove her hands from her shoulders and win this contest. The other hand is getting ready for Deeba. Kailal praises Diba’s beauty. They say they need to win this competition and win the cash so that they can help Sharda build a dream home.

Yajini came back to the room and found that Kavin was ready. She helped him wear a coat and took a selfie with him. Yajini searches the room and sees Dhama coming. He silently takes Yazini’s hills, breaks the hills and returns. Yajini walks down and gets hurt. Kavin picks her up and puts her on the bed. Religion arrives there and asks you to prepare as fast as the competition begins. Yazini cries out in pain. Dharma goes to fetch a doctor, tells her to take an x-ray, examines Yaji and tells her that she may have broken her leg. Dharma worries what Mallika has to say to whom it is important to participate in the competition. Kavin questions how Yajini can participate in this state. He suggests to ask Wenba to participate in her space.

The serial ends.