Chithi 22 November 2020 Written Update: Yajini requests Sharda to sing a song for her sake

Chithi 22 November 2020 Written Update: Yajini requests Sharda to sing a song for her sake

The serial begins with discussing with a religious person that he has arranged to kidnap the Yagna. The man asks what the plan was as the previous project was abandoned. Religion observes Kavin and Ya zhini from the floor. Ravi shows the car driver to Kavin and asks for some money, which Kavin gives him.

Religion tells the man to look at how Kavin is counting money using his saliva. Religion promises to give him some money tomorrow morning, in which he applies a sleeping tablet powder. The blind man goes blind, and he takes the help of Kevin to count those notes. When Kavin loses consciousness, he kidnaps him. Dharma says that this marriage should not be what he wants.

Wenba cried as she remembered Kavin and Yajini kissing each other. She wiped away tears at Sewandhi. Sewandhi questions why she is crying when she sees Kavin and Yajini’s friendship. Wenba says nothing like that. Stop acting like this, the servant says angrily. After a while Kavin and Ravi arrive and ask Wenba and Sewandhi. Second, she’s lying to Kevin that she doesn’t love him, but anyone who sees her can easily see all the love she has for Kevin. She asks Wenba to accept her feelings for now. No matter what Kavin plans, he can’t do anything without her consent.

Sevandhi asks Wenba not to ruin her life, thinking to sacrifice her love for Chithi. Wenba cries. Thanks to Sevandi, who confirmed that Kavin is happy and that Wayanba loves him, she kept crying without saying anything. Ravi says he too is at ease. They say if Wenba agrees, otherwise they will kidnap her.

Kavin and Yajini are sitting on the stage. When the groom and the bride’s relatives are called to the stage for the Nalangu act. Sharda unconsciously walks onto the stage. It was then that she realized she had no blood affiliation with Yazini and sadly retreated. Shanmugam came and sat beside her.

Sharda points towards Mallika who is doing Nalangu rituals, saying she is Kavin’s mother since Shanmugam wanted to see her. When Mallika turns around, Shanmugam is shocked to see Mallika. He hears a flashback voice, Mallika tells him that she loves him, and then pleads with him to accept her love.

Sarada tells Mallika that she has blackmailed him to show how he can feel a torture. She asks not to worry. She says Gauri is happy and she is happy too. One must hide the sadness and share the joy with others. Gauri and Dharma finished applying Nalangam. The latter calls Sharda as Amma and asks him to apply for Nalangu. She asks where Shanmugam Dad is.

Shanmugam is worried that Mallika will not leave Wenba if she knows that Wenba is the daughter of one who has denied her love. They say they should not come to this task. Everyone looking for him listens to Shanmugam and hides behind the pillar. Ladies ask Sharda to apply Nalangam as it is too late. Sharda happily performs rituals.

A woman asks someone to sing a song. Yajini requests Sharda to sing a song for her sake. She keeps asking for Sharda. Deeba also tells her to sing as her favorite daughter listens. Mallika asks Sharda to sing for Yajini’s pleasure. Sharda starts singing the song.