Choti Sardarni 18th October 2020 Written Update Manav to kill Sarab

Choti Sardarni 18 October 2020 Surprised to see Sarab Manav wore a red renewal crown to kill Sarab Manav. He wonders why she didn’t wear the crown he gave her. Happy Birthday to all Sarabjit and Mehr. Harleen Sarabjit walks Mehr in a romantic way. He wants all the happiness. She also wants Aditi to be as happy as Mehr. She finds that Mehr and Aditi have the same crown. She asks Sarabjit about the unique crown. She tells him that Aditi is also wearing the same crown.

She asks Vikram where he bought the same crown. Sarabjit says the store’s staff makes the gift unique and makes it unique to sell. They are happy to see Mehr and Aditi wearing the same crown. Mehr realizes that Manav sent him the green crown. She did not want to wear a green crown to give him any false promises. Sarabjeet wants to learn from Aditi about her terms with Vikram. He asks Aditi why Vikram is acting so strange.

Aditi says there is no reason for him, he is changed after marriage, he is acting like a stranger. She cries out her pain. Meher wants to talk to Manav. Manav wants to know his mistake of losing Meher. He tells Mehr that he is in a helpless situation. Meher tells him that it was not their fault, but the fate that separated them. She says she now has her own life, which is not the fault of anyone concerned.

She has Sarabjit and children in her life. She does not think she is suffering from her past. She tells him not to let Aditi suffer. She says changing the crown will not change her future. She asks him to accept the present. He tells her that she can’t love Aditi or anyone else after losing Meher. Aditi complains to Sarabjit about him. He promises to speak with Vikram. Manav feels that Meher still loves her.

She asks him not to get false promises. She is not his love now. She asks him to realize the value of Aditi. She wishes he would soon understand and accept the truth for the good of all. She understood his pain. She expects him to understand her. She wants him to ask his heart to be okay. Sarabjit asks Vikram to look for the disappearance. He found Vikram alienating again. He wants to talk to Vikram. He takes Vikram aside to ask him about his problems with Aditi. Manav tells him that he is not afraid of what others think.

He thinks Sarabjeet can never understand his story. Sarabjeet wants to know his brother’s concern. Mehr realizes that Manav is having an affair with his son Karan. Aditi tells Meher that Vikram and Karan have a strange bond, they are always happy together. She says she will take Karan to Vikram. As many guests and their lack of immunity, Mehar stops worrying about taking Karan to the party hall.

She asks Aditi to share her troubles with her. Sarabjeet tells Vikram that he found Aditi many years later, he will never see her again. He apologizes to Vikram. Vikram asks Aditi not to miss him. Aditi tells Meher that Vikram has been missing her since he got married. Mehr tells her that there are such minor issues in every relationship. She says Sarabjit and she have handled their relationship well with time. She assures Aditi.

Manav feels bad to see Sarabjeet requesting him. Sarabjit has warned Vikram not to hurt Aditi. Manav says he is not afraid of any threats. Kulwant arrived at the party and greeted everyone. When Sarabjeet saw her she remembered that she had killed Manav. She wants him wholeheartedly. They want justice for Manav.

He confronts Kulwant about the murder of Manav. He vows that Kulwant will be sentenced for the crime. Manav realized that Sarabjit was coming between Mehr and him. He wants to kill Sarabjit to get Meher back. If Sarabjit was trying to find justice for him, Manav would try to kill such a noble man. Will Manav Sarabjeet realize his goodness and save him? Keep reading.