Congress should not have called Congress from JDS: Ravanna irony – sira and rr nagar by election: jds leader hd revanna slams congress over ticket row


  • The late d. K. Ravi’s wife joins Congress
  • Revanna irony of Kusuma congressional inclusion
  • Call people from JDS and make fun of them

Hassan: R. R. In the by-election in the urban assembly constituency, the Congress candidate was the late DK. There are rumors that Ravi’s wife Kusuma will be in the arena. JDS Leader D. Ravanna has sarcastically said that this situation should not have come to the Congress party.

Kusuma officially joined the Congress party on Sunday. R. R. Party leaders have not made any official statement about giving him a Congress ticket in the by-election in the city assembly constituency. Kusuma’s congressional inclusion on the election front has led to a lot of calculations. Against this backdrop, JDS leader Ravanna condemns the Congress stand.

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This is not the case for a party with a history of sixty years. D. Ravanna analyzed this as the reason for the Congress party to fall. Ravanna, who has sarcastically said that he is giving tickets to sin candidates, has joined hands with DK Shivakumar. Nonnavanekere criticizes Swamiji’s direction.

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Ravanna, who has called the Congress from the JDS and has not issued a ticket, has also mocked DK Ravi’s wife. This is what happened in the past when Ravanna, Operation Lotus, said that both Operation Lotus and Operation Congress will be done by the people. People say they have won seven JDS lawmakers.

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