Cooking habits: As the dishes inflate like confectioners, try these tips and tricks

Restaurant Style Punjabi Fluffy Bhatura Recipe: As soon as you hear the baby’s name or the big chol-bhatura begins to water in everyone’s mouth. But if Bhatur does not appear to be soft and bloated in food, the enjoyment of eating is diminished. If your pitchers can’t even puff, follow these tips and tricks.

Use these items to make bhatur dough-
When making bhatura, mix maida, then definitely add these things. In a bowl, mix half a teaspoon of sugar, a little baking powder, semolina and soda. In the end, mix 2 tablespoons of yogurt water. Keep in mind that the amount of semolina should be reduced to less than all-purpose flour. Now mix it with water and wrap it with plastic and leave it for four hours. By doing this, the dough will swell and the bhatura can be rolled easily. On the other hand, adding sugar in Bhatur flour improves the fermentation process and also improves its color. The better the rotation of the bhatura, the more likely it is to increase.

Keep the Bhatoor flour soft-
Always keep the dough ready when making soft and puffed bhaturas like market. After kneading the dough, if you leave it on for a while, take special care of the time. Leaving the dough for a long time will make it harder and sour, which will ruin the Bhachur taste. Keep in mind that the longer you knead the dough, the better the dough is ready. Fully prepared flour not only improves the size of the bhatur but also inflates well.

Fry the bhaturas only in hot oil-
Fix the oil in the skillet when roasting the bhatur. After this, put all the bhaturas together in advance so that all the bhaturas can be fried one by one after the oil is hot. Remember, often after roasting one bhatura at a time, people reduce the flame of gas when doing another bhatura. That is why. Keep in mind that the oil must be very hot to become a bhatura puffy. Therefore, roll all bhaturas together and fry all bhaturas only in high heat.

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