Cooking hacks: frozen papadas are again crisp, these tips should be tried

Tips for Re-Crushing a Wet Papaya: In the rainy season, the papadas on the dinner table are quickly covered. The sealed papadas are not as soft as paper and everyone finds the taste of the food bad. If you’ve ever encountered a similar problem, know these good and easy tips for re-crisping a fried papad.

The microwave works wonders
You can use the microwave to make the fried papadas crisp again. For this purpose, place the papad in a baking tray and set the microwave at 110 ° C for 30 seconds. Remove the papad from the microwave after 30 seconds. When the papad is hot, it softens. But as crisp as it gets.

Fried papadas in Tawa-
If the potatoes and lentil papadas are closed, you can bake them again on an iron plate and crisp them. For this, first heat the pan in a medium saucepan. Take care not to burn the tawa. Otherwise your papad will burn too. When the tawa is hot, place the papad on it and lightly roast the papad with a clean cloth. Doing this will make the papad again crisp.

Deep Fry-
If you want to re-crisp the papad with no effort, you can deep fry them. To do this, you must first heat the fresh oil in the skillet. After this, put the papad in the skillet and roast it for a few seconds. After this, put the papad in a paper towel for a while. The papad is crisp when cold.

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