COVID-19 side effects: Lack of exercise during corona period increases the risk of arthritis among youth know about the symptoms and preventive measures to stay away from arthritis

careful! If you work in the same position for hours, then change it slightly, otherwise you may be a victim of arthritis. Care is also needed in the work form home in the coronary. In fact, this disease, which usually occurs after the age of 50 years, is now making the youth vulnerable. This is claimed by the orthopedics of the city.

According to experts, arthritis is of two types. The first is osteoarthritis and the second is rheumontoid arthritis. The first arthritis is more common in old age. While second rheumontoid arthritis occurs even at an early age, it is genetic. About twenty percent of the youth are also suffering from this disease.

Nearly 14 thousand arthritis patients were treated at the District Government Civil Hospital in the past year 2019. Of these, 2855 patients were below 35 years of age. According to experts, hours of sitting in the same position, increasing smoking addiction and stress are the main reasons.

Dr. Ravi Shankar Gaur, expert physician of the Government Hospital, says that due to the changing lifestyles of the youth, the patients of arthritis in the hospital are continuously increasing. More than twenty percent of the young are patients. Expert doctor Dr. Suresh Arora explains that this disease occurring in winter at an old age is due to wear and tear of joints. But now it can happen in any age and season. Infections in joints occur due to accumulation of uric acid in bone joints.

Exercise-treatment is necessary-
Expert doctor Dr. Suresh Arora explains that first of all body weight should be controlled. The disease can be curbed through daily exercise, regular treatment and physiotherapy. Pain can be overcome by injecting serious patients into the knee.

This is how the disease surrounds-
Excessive smoking, stress and activities working at the same place. This is due to the consumption of drugs, lack of nutritious elements in food, not exercising. In such a situation, pain starts in the extremities. Contact a specialist immediately if you have pain. Get regular check for sugar, uric acid.

Symptoms of arthritis
Joint stiffness and swelling, severe pain, loud sound from joints, fingers or other parting. According to doctors, the symptoms of Arthritis do not even occur initially. But in this disease, pain starts with stiffness in the joint of bones. After some time, there is unbearable pain in the joints. The joints start swelling.

Prevention measures
– Reduce weight and exercise regularly
Get up and walk before sunrise
-Make sure the sunshine
-Do not sit in one position for too long
– Follow the correct position in lifting, sitting and walking
– Take lukewarm water and nutritious food

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