Covid-19: Virus becoming stronger due to spreading infection in closed places

Corona virus is becoming stronger due to increased cases of infection spreading in closed places. This has been claimed by Nancy Enoria, scientist at Harvard Madison School. He says that governments around the world should convey essential information about aerosols and airborne infections to the common people in a clear manner. If people are not told about the indoor infection in time, then it will take the virus and a rare form.

Aerosol: The virus is present for a long time like smoke
Just as dust and smoke are present in the atmosphere for a long time, in the same way viruses with the properties of aerosol can fly with the air for a long time. The World Health Organization has assumed that the Kovid-19 virus can spread aerosol infection under special circumstances.

Airborne: The main cause of indoor infection
When virus-infected moist droplets start flying in the air due to their small size and light weight, it is called airborne infection. Such infection spreads more in closed places where crowding is present. An example is the infection spreading to restaurants, nightclubs, cinemas, and offices.

Droplets: The main means of spreading infection
It is believed to be the most important means of spreading the corona virus, in which droplets or droplets released from the mouth of an infected person enter the body of another person through their eyes, nose or mouth. Droplets are heavy in weight, so they are not able to remain in the air for long but can infect a person standing less than two meters away.

Increased risk of indoor infection in winter
Researcher Nancy states that if governments were not able to sensitize the public to prevent aerosols and airborne infections, corona infections would spread much more in closed areas in the winter because people would be closed in their homes most of the time.

Better ventilation protection
Researcher Nancy suggests that indoor infections can be avoided if there is proper ventilation at workplaces, restaurants, pubs and other closed locations. Governments must adopt better ventilation techniques to clean the air of closed spaces. At the same time, people present in indoor places have to be motivated to live by creating physical distance and wearing masks.

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