Cows are in trouble with the waste, see- 71kg of plastic waste is out of the stomach

Plastic waste in public places proves to be a hazard to animals, especially in Faridabad, Haryana. Here a team of veterinarians have extracted a 71 kg plastic garment from the belly of a pregnant cow. Nails and other forms of trash were also found in the stomach of the cow. The pregnant cow and her calf were both dead.

According to the report, about 50 lakh cows roam the streets of various cities across the country. Due to lack of food, these cows eat trash thrown in the road and many times they die. However, from time to time governments and many NGOs come to the rescue of cows and make their living.

The cow has been rescued by the People for Animals Trust Faridabad since the last road accident in February. A team of doctors has found that a pregnant cow has many problems. During a four-hour operation on Feb. 21, doctors extracted the remaining types of waste from her stomach, including nails, plastic and marble. This information was provided by Trust Chairman Ravi Dubey. Doctors tried to make a pre-mature delivery.

Ravi Dubey said there was no room for him to grow in the calf’s stomach, causing him to die. The cow also died three days later. “In my 13 years of experience, it’s more waste than any cow’s stomach,” Dubey said. We put all our energy into disposing of waste from his stomach. ”

Prior to that, the Trust had operated several cows and eliminated waste. However, the last time they received more litter, 50 kg “The cow is so sacred to us, but no one cares about her life,” Dubey said. Garbage is found everywhere in the city.