Dad, we are honored, we were raised to see Mom: Abhishek about Drugs

Bangalore: Actor Abhishek Ambarish celebrates birthday So did the fans from the corner of the state. They also cut the cake they brought along with fans from morning to day.

In the meantime, Abhi Amman is a gift from TV9. Now, what gift gift do you want to see? Every birthday I celebrate with Dad.

So, for the past two years, I have had a break from the birthday celebration. This is the first birthday of the celebrated Modtiro without Dad. However, fans have said that they are happy with their love and affection.

Actor Abhishek Ambarish has also commented on the drug case of Sandalwood. We are the ones who grew up watching our Dad, Mom. Abhishek said, “We are very honored to hear about Avru Industry.”

It is now the fault of the industrialist for somebody’s mistake. There are many people eating rice here. For some, the whole film is just not right. An investigation is underway, and those who did wrong will definitely be punished. God has said that they will suffer.


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