Dear girls, bra has nothing to do with your health, so relax today

There are many myths about breasts. Because one of these is not wearing a bra, they begin to hang loose. Because of this fear, many girls endured bras tightening even when locking the house. On top of that, now that this wet sticky weather has arrived, the bra strap is tightening. Do you want to remove your bra? Yes, definitely do. And here we come up with some more scientific arguments to support you.

Beauty stereotypes and bras

There are a lot of stereotypes in our society about bras. Look at the wonder that it is associated not only with beauty but also with civilization. The bra is just the underwear and whether or not to wear it is a personal choice for every woman. Donors argue that not wearing a bra will damage the shape of the breast, change its size and give it more.

Is there a connection to health?

Some time ago, several studies suggested that wearing a bra may increase the risk of breast cancer, but contrary to popular belief, wearing a bra does not increase health. The reality is that wearing it for long periods can make you uncomfortable and cramp – even in such a summer.

If we talk about comfort, every woman says that wearing a bra is more comfortable, so while keeping your happiness intact, let’s say there are many benefits to not wearing a bra.

You may be surprised to learn that there are many benefits to not wearing a bra:

1. Better breast skin

Wearing a bra on a regular basis will cause the skin of the breasts to increase and sweat, which can irritate the pores – especially beneath the breasts. It is more common in women with larger breasts. If you have ever worn your sports bra after a workout, you may have experienced this burning sensation.

2. Good circulation

Constantly wearing a bra for several hours can make you suffocate and make you uncomfortable. Brass actually reduces blood flow to the back and chest muscles, which can cause pain. By wearing a bra, you can create better circulation in your upper body.

3. Healthy Breasts

By wearing a bra, the breast tissue is tight, causing the breast tissue Blood does not reach properly. By not wearing a bra, blood circulation in the breast is improved, making the breasts more healthy.


4. Sleep better

Probably every woman prefers to go to bed at night or without fear after returning from work. The reason is also very clear. We can sleep without feeling any tightness.

A study published in the International Journal of Chronobiology states that wearing tight clothes, such as bras or pants, can cause problems during sleep. You should also allow your private parts to breathe well, especially during sleep.

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5. Improving respiratory rate

It is very difficult to keep yourself in the grip of a bra during the summer. In such a situation, wearing a tight or wire bra can leave you feeling tight and you can suffocate. Therefore, not wearing a bra will make you lighter, as well as less pressure on your diaphragm.

So dear girls, let your breasts now rest and have a bra. Enjoy the day

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