Direct Bus Accident: If a driver didn’t take a shortcut to avoid a jam, would 42 people survive?

A passenger bus fell into the canal at Siddhi in Madhya Pradesh. Now the bus driver’s bug has come out behind this painful accident. In fact, local media reports state that the driver chose a shortcut to avoid the jam that runs along the bank of the canal. Although the route was narrow enough, the driver got off the bus and eventually the control deteriorated and he fell into the canal. At least 42 people have died in this accident. This statistic may also change.

Madhya Pradesh: An uncontrolled bus canal filled with 54 passengers crashes, killing 42 people

According to reports, the bus was capable of seating 32 people, but despite this it more than doubled to fifty passengers. After leaving Sidi, the bus had to reach Satna through the Chuhiya Valley. The road to the Hanci-Ranchi State Highway is bad and unfinished, resulting in a jam day. The driver had to change route to avoid this jam.

The defense is currently underway. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan has announced a Rs 5-5 relief package for the dead. Due to this accident, the cabinet meeting scheduled for Tuesday was canceled.

A high speed bus crashes into a high speed bus canal in Sidhi, Madhya Pradesh. 42 people have died from their homes for examination or other work. Defense and relief work is still underway. The death toll may rise further. There were said to be 54 people on the bus, of which 7 had managed to stay alive and 42 had been taken away. The bus was traveling from Sidhi to Satna. The dead included 12 students. All of them were going to Satna to take a railway test.