Does the mobile app replace the accelerometer? The oxygen level is conveyed by the phone’s camera

Oxygen is the most prevalent problem in the second wave corona in India (COVID-19). Suddenly the oxygen level of the patient decreases. This has led to a large number of people buying pulse oximeters. With this, you can check your oxygen levels while sitting at home. The best pulse oximeter on the market is around 2000 rupees. At the same time, there has been a mobile app that now acts as an accelerometer.

According to a report by, Kolkata-based health-start-up has developed this mobile app. The name of the application is Careplex Vitals, which tells your blood oxygen levels to pulse and respiratory rate. What’s special is that all this work is done with the phone’s camera. According to the report, users have to point at their phone’s rear camera and flashlight, and within a few seconds their oxygen saturation (SPO2), pulse and respiratory rate can be seen.

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This is a registration based application. Subbrata Paul, co-founder of CareNow Healthcare, told The Indian Express, ‘People need other wearables, such as pulse oximeters or smartwatches, to track oxygen saturation and pulse rate. The main technology used in all of this is photoplethysmography or PPG. We are doing this with a smartphone’s rear camera and flashlight.

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This kind of app does
Subbrata Paul believes that the accelerometer and smartwatch have infrared light sensors, but only the battery is available on the smartphone. Once we close the rear camera and flashlight of the smartphone with our finger, the scan will start for 40 seconds. We are not doing anything based on the difference in the intensity of the light and the difference we draw on the PPG graph. SpO2 and pulse rates are derived from this graph.

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