Drinking a cup of milk with one piece of jaggery can relieve these problems.

Immunity is a process. Everything we eat affects not only our health but also our immunity. Today we are telling you one such tips for boosting immunity, which is very effective. Consumption of milk with jaggery enhances immunity and eliminates many problems such as cold, cold, mucous in winter.

Ingredients in milk and jaggery
In addition to Vitamin A, Vitamin B and D, calcium, protein and lactic acid are found in high amounts in milk. On the other hand, jaggery is rich in sucrose, glucose, mineral fluid and small amounts of water. It is rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron and many others.

Natural blood purification
Such properties are found in jaggery, which switches on impurities in your body, so consuming hot milk and jaggery every day removes such impurities from your body. You don’t get any disease from it.

Control obesity
It is believed that if you use sugar with milk, you can use jaggery instead. Doing this will keep your weight under control. So you are not a victim of obesity.

Keep the stomach problem intact
If you have any digestive problems, then consuming hot milk and jaggery will relieve you of every stomach problem.

Remove joint pain
Eating jaggery can relieve hip pain, and if you mix small pieces of jaggery with ginger daily, it will strengthen the joints and the pain will go away. Increase your beauty and consume hot milk and jaggery, so that your skin is soft and there are no problems associated with the skin. In addition, your hair is also healthy by consuming it.

Heal pain in periods
If you have any pain, drinking hot milk will provide immediate relief and women will suffer from period pain, then drinking jaggery with hot milk is said to relieve you. You consume 1 teaspoon of jaggery every day for 1 week before your period begins. It will relieve you of pain.

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