Drugs investigation – Mangalore CCB inspector swiftly transferred

Mangalore: Mangalore CCB Inspector Shivprakash Naik who was investigating the Drugs case has been transferred.

Shivprakash Naik has been transferred to Mahesh Prasad, the CI of Udupi police station. There is suspicion that the CCB inspector has been transferred to the arrest of drug peddler Kishore.

Sivaprakash was pressured to drop Kishore Shetty from the case. Sources learned that the influential lawmakers of the coast were pressured to arrest.

Shivprakash Naik had arrested Kishore without heeding the pressure of the politician. It is being heard from the Mangalore Police that they have been transferred to the cause.

Indian News Live on Thursday got the news that the protection of dancer Kishore, who was named by the narrator, was under heavy pressure.

There was a big lobby the day after Dancer Kishore Arrest. A MLA from the coast is pressuring Kishore to leave the case. It was also heard that if the legislator’s pressure was successful, everyone, including Anushree, would become Bachav.

Why Stress?

A reputable person from Mangalore is close to that legislator. That prestigious man is the epitome of cricket betting. Kishore, like his own, had given the bookies a drug party. The prestigious man had put political pressure on Kishore and planned to shake hands. But the plan is said to be a complete plop by the CCB police.


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