eBikeGo: This electric scooter runs 5 times cheaper than petrol, costs 20 paise per km, know when to launch

EBikeGo, the pioneer of electric vehicles for hire in the field of electric mobility in the Indian market, will soon introduce its new ‘RAGAD’ electric scooter to the market. The bike will be officially launched on August 25. This is a brand new company introduced.

The company claims it is the most powerful electric vehicle introduced in the Indian market. This scooter is fully designed and manufactured in India. Electric scooter has received ICAT approval and is eligible for the Fame II Subsidy Program. The scooter will be unveiled on August 25 and the company will initially take only limited pre-orders.

EBikeGo claims that there has been a lot of research before the creation of this new vehicle. The company says it is built and analyzed using millions of data points collected by eBGmatics (eBikeGo’s proprietary IoT technology). It is designed based on all the needs and usefulness of the customer.

Irfan Khan, founder and CEO of the company said, “We have been waiting for three years to build a powerful electric vehicle and after that we have decided to move in this direction. We want to make such an affordable electric vehicle.

Fees and Expenses:

EBikeGo recently announced it is working to establish 3,000 IoT active public charging stations in five cities across the country. These charging stations will be able to charge bikes and three-wheeled electric vehicles in their respective cities. These charging stations are connected to the Internet for easy access. Customers who wish to use the charging station will need to scan the QR code.

BikeGo offers a smartphone app that lets users check the components used while charging their vehicle. Various payment methods such as UPI, credit or debit card, or cash are available at these charging stations. According to the company, these electric vehicles cost around 20-50 paise per kilometer. It will be five times cheaper than a petrol powered vehicle.

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