EPFO: Follow this method to link two different UANs

Universal Account Number (UAN) is a 12-digit number assigned to each employee who has an Employee Provident Fund (EPFO) futures account. This number given to the employee is the same across time despite the change in work. When an employee changes jobs, the EPFO ​​sets the new member identification number of the EPF Account ID linked to the UPN. Many times people get multiple PF accounts due to job changes. Usually each employer opens his or her own separate PF account. EPFO has launched this facility, if you wish, you can merge two accounts.

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The first way

You must notify your current employer or write to the EPF to block the previous UAN and transfer the existing balance to Active UAN. An employee must file an EPF account to transfer to an active account linked to a restricted UAN. To address this issue, the EPFO ​​conducts a review. Send an email to [email protected] with your current and past UAE.

Another way

Click Transfer for a request to submit a transfer claim online. There, enter the captcha and get the PIN. Once the PIN is entered, an online claim application can be filed. After the identification process is completed it will be deactivated. After automatically deactivating the UAN, the old EPF account will be linked to the new UAN. You will receive an SMS informing you of the deactivation status of the old UAN.

Reasons to get two UAs

The employee does not disclose his or her past number – when an employee changes his or her job, he must provide his previous UAN and PF account number. If he does not provide this information, the new employer will open his new account. No previous company / company departure date mentioned – your previous company / company must enter and return the date of departure from the electronic challan. If this information is not provided at the right time, the new company will assign a new number to the employee.

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