Fans looking at Divya Agarwal’s topless photoshoot, the actress said ‘you won’t tell what to wear …’ |

Divya Agarwal on topless photoshoot: Bollywood and TV actresses have been sharing topless photoshoot fans for a long time. There is a special thing about these photoshoots that whenever they come out, there is amazing trolling on the internet. Actress Divya Agarwal had shared a topless photoshoot of hers in the past, due to which she has to listen to the bad things of the people. People have accused him of gaining cheap popularity, saying that he has shared such pictures to attract everyone’s attention.

Commenting on the picture of Divya Aggarwal, a person has written, ‘Nowadays, you have to get naked nowadays … what a nonsense post.’ So the other person has written, ‘Is it necessary that bold scenes be given. Is it necessary to show the whole body? I think God has also given a beautiful face. ‘

Divya Aggarwal has given a befitting reply to the trolling happening by the people. Divya Aggarwal has written on her Insta Story, ‘A concept shoot and people went crazy. You guys won’t tell me what to wear? Indian cloth or any other dress … It is sad to know that a woman’s personality is gauged from her clothes. ‘

This is not the first time Divya Aggarwal has faced internet trolling. Divya Aggarwal has surprised fans by sharing her bold photos many times. Some people had tried to troll them by making lewd comments on those pictures, but the actress simply stopped speaking with everyone. How did you like the latest photoshoot of Divya Aggarwal, please tell us by commenting.