Fans trend #WeStandWithRubina post Hina Khan and Gauhar Khan declares her Bigg Boss 14 winner

No one can deny the fact that Rubina Dilek is a courageous personality. He has proven his worth by playing the role of ‘transgender’ in the performance of ‘Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki’ colors. When everyone refused to play the eunuch on screen, Rubina put her career on the line and shone in the crowd. Akshay Soumya made the diva to gain millions of fans worldwide.

Also, the actress is currently appearing in Bigg Boss 14. His performance on the show is appealing to the audience. Rubina is also fast making her place in the hearts of elders. Look at their late-night show ex-Bigg Boss contestants; Gauhar and Hina Khan said that Rubina Dilek was the winner of the movie ‘Bigg Boss 14’. Siddharth Shukla has refused to agree with the pair.

Undoubtedly, Rubina DeLike has a winning quality. Here, we are highlighting the top 5 reasons they deserve to be in the Top 2!

She’s a headstrong personality:

Rubina Dilek has been tagged as the most ‘confused’ contestant in the house. But we know she is clear with her thoughts and is a headstrong girl.

She’s powerful:

The way she fights Pavitra Punia in a recent act is undeniably powerful.

Rubina is brave:

So far, Rubina Dilek is not taking second place in raising her voice against Bigg Boss. She is the first contestant to be directly accused of Bigg Boss. Still, in today’s episode, Salman beats her for this attitude. Now, it will be interesting to see how Rubina defends herself.

She’s furious:

The way in which Rubina keeps her stuff and forces others to listen, the diva is killing Bigg Boss at home.

She’s ‘Rubina Dilek’:

Rubina DeLike looks like her real shadow inside the house. Thus, they are getting great support from the big guys and their fans. Hastag #WeStandWithRubina is trending online with the maximum number of tweets.

So, here are some good reasons why we see her as a winner. Share with us the things that caused Rubina Dilek to fall.

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