Fans were blown away by this style statement by Dilip Kumar, look at his stunning looks

Amazing acting, charming personality and a warm-hearted smile … Even with Dilip Kumar’s departure from the world, these dimensions of his personality will always be remembered whenever he is mentioned. Dilip Kumar, who has been ill for a long time, said goodbye to the world today at the age of 98. After his departure, his film stories and life-related memories were fresh again. Apart from acting in films, Dilip Kumar was known for his elegant style and fashion sense. At the time, everyone was crazy about him and so many of his looks.

Ribbed sweater style on shirt
Shirt Over Shirt The shirt over shirt trend is not today but coffee became popular in the 50s. Dilip Sahab popularized the fashion trend of wearing a sweater over a shirt. You might be surprised to know that Dilip Kumar already had this style before his 30s. Seeing their style, the directors began to adopt this style in their films.

The floating dupatta of the Devadas

As soon as Devadas ‘name comes to mind, a picture of him holding a bottle of Bengali Babu liquor comes to mind, but Dilip Kumar has taken Devadas’ character to a different level. Dilip Sahab was also the idea of ​​Dupatta, who was inadvertently hanging around Devadas neck. In those days, Devadas’ floating dupatta was the fashion statement of youth.

Orange Layered Kurta

Dilip Kumar

How can anyone forget Shahzad Saleem’s classic role in Mughal-e-Azam? In this film Dilip presents the royal look in a different style. He made the orange layered kurta quite popular among the general public at the feast and for the wedding.

Check the print coat

The check print coat matches Dilip Kumar’s charming personality. Initially, this look by Dilip was a different highlight in the era of black and white films. After this, with the advent of color pictures, this look by Dilip became part of his style statement.

Sling bag and shoulder length jacket

The fashionable irresistible hero, his acting was dying with his style. A sling bag and a hanging jacket were also very popular in the style of Dilip Kumar. Her look is amazing with these things.

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