Farmers who started ‘Namdu’ shop – Indian News Live

Mysore: One of the farmers fears that corporate entrepreneurs and private partners could step into the agri-market with the new agriculture bill of the central government, while a group of farmers have come together to launch their own brand of product and market. Farmers can set the prices for the crops they have grown, selling at the same price.

The Amrit Bhoomi Foundation has launched a statewide campaign to help farmers in the Karnataka State Farmers Association and other organic crops grow crops and market crops. The Foundation was founded by the late former MD Farmer, Prof MD Nanjunda Swamy. Consumers get the best organic products on the market at affordable prices.

Farmers who grow organic products, such as the Green Army, Farmers’ Union, Amritsar, and some others, have opened stores in the agricultural society of Chamarajanagar. Here, farmers sell products grown under the same roof.

Launched under the concept of Mahatma Gandhi’s Village Swarajya, the shop is a great market for farmers in and around the Hunoor and Malay Mahadeshwara hills. A total of 100 organic farming farmers have been added to the system in the next two years, bringing about 5,000 farmers from every district in the state.

Hegavadipura Sivakumar, who grows fruit and vegetables in organic farming, said that people are more interested in organic crops nowadays in terms of health. In the traditional model, using bioproductive fertilizers, we hire workers to grow fruit and vegetables. They say that if we have our own market and brand to sell the products we grow, we can avoid the exploitation of middlemen.

Namjundaswamy, who is on the verge of marshy land, says that when the government is looking to privatize the farmers’ lands, it is better for the farmers to do so with their own ideas when they are looking to privatize

This organic product is 5 to 10 percent more expensive than hop coms in the market. Eighty per cent of them are deposited in their accounts. Farmers say successful organic farmers will be trained, trained in paddy, and educated on how to do farming at low cost.


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